The path to re-establishing contact

Every brand now lives online, but all the digital campaigns, social media postings, and virtual interactions fall short of the emotive and physical engagement of a tactile brand experience.

Richard Nilson, Rocket Creative MD and Head Creative, explains, “With the much anticipated relaxing of lockdown restrictions to Level 2, most brands are in urgent need to launch their promotional campaigns to market. However, we are very aware that reconnecting will not be without risk if not properly managed. Personal care and preventative measures will be a crucial component of every part of our lives, for the foreseeable future anyway.

Our immediate demand has shifted to us providing functional hardware that, while still presenting as an interactive engagement element, incorporates the necessary PPE component to ensure the health and safety of both the consumer and the promoters themselves. Our expertise in the origination of bespoke products, allows us to make the necessary upgrades, both effortlessly and economically. All brands need to be acutely aware of the difference between technology connecting us, and mediums that truly bringing brands and consumers together.

We are social beings who thrive on connecting in real time, with genuine interactions. Brand activation and experiential engagements exploded over the past decade for precisely this reason. We are all longing to reconnect with family, friends, life in general, both physically and emotionally. We just have to ensure safety for all in the process,” he adds.

The first two product conversions have been for traditional retail promotional applications. The team accessorised their Micro Demo Trolley and Demo Table with new Germ Protection Screen variations, as below:

The path to re-establishing contact

To re-engage with the Rocket Creative crew please visit their site at, email az.oc.evitaerctekcor@olleh or ring their offices on +27(11) 262 4698 to chat to the client service team.

About Rocket Creative Design & Display:

Launched in early 1998, Rocket Creative evolved exponentially to become an innovative player in the design and display industry. The business focusses on the design and origination of inventive visual display, brand activation, promotional, product merchandising and point-of-sale display hardware.

Due to their non-conformist approach, the company achieved significant recognition within the industry. The company is honoured to be suppliers of aesthetically unique branding product used to promote and activate a diverse array of blue-chip brands in sub-Saharan Africa, as well as servicing their global, export-based clientele.

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Rocket Creative Design & Display
Rocket Creative Design & Display
Rocket Creative Design & Display offer innovative, trend setting and anti-norm visual display products. These are conceived and originated by fusing our functional enginuity, creativity and inventive spirit with our own very individual approach to fabrication whilst following our ‘ Innovation, Simplified ' creative ethos.

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