Enyimba and Rangers International for Under-19 football tournament in South Africa

SuperSport is to bring to the screen the third edition of the SuperSport Under-19 football tournament in South Africa.
Football lovers can be sure of four days of football action, live. From modest beginnings the competition has grown from an eight-team tournament to 20 participating teams. A major attraction and addition to this year's tournament are the two teams from Nigeria invited to take part in the tournament, current champions of the Nigerian Premier League, Enyimba International FC and Rangers International FC.

The tournament organizers advise all participating teams to understand that the eyes of the world are focusing on the bottom tip of the African continent. Any action, activity, blink, becomes newsworthy, so players participating may also become part football history. Supersport would also like to impress upon everyone that it is imperative to uphold the quintessential of the tournament, by upholding and portraying a positive image at all times and for all of us to say: No to Drugs, No to Racism.

The message from the tournament patron is: God provided us with two eyes to see, two ears to hear and two legs to kick, yet he only gave us one mouth to talk. Please let's talk less, see, hear, and so in the spirit of football, let our kicking do the talking.

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