Results of the 5th annual PAMRO conference and board meeting

The 5th PAMRO meeting and all Africa Media Research Conference took place from 3 to 6 August at the Le Mauricia Hotel in Grand Baie, Mauritius.
These events were attended by 68 delegates and proved to be a historic event in many respects. African countries represented included Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Unfortunately, the Nigerian delegates were late with their visa applications and so missed out.

Firstly, the First Annual General Meeting (AGM) for PAMRO members was held before the proceedings for all delegates commenced. Eighteen people attended this meeting and the following were the most important decisions taken:

  • To formalize PAMRO as a legal entity and to register it in South Africa as a Section 21 company, not for gain.
  • To appoint auditors to separately audit the financial statements. Previously, the SAARF auditors also audited the PAMRO transactions as part of the SAARF audit.
  • Seth Bonnie, Managing Director of Research International, Ghana was elected as the second PAMRO President, while Piet Smit, Technical Director of SAARF was elected as Vice-President for a second term. The term of office for both of them will be three years. The immediate Past President, Shepherd Kusada, was thanked for the contributions he made over the years he held the reigns.
  • SAARF will continue to take care of the day-to-day administration.
  • The 6th meeting in 2004 will be allocated to a Francophone country

    Secondly, the largest ever contingent of delegates from outside of Africa attended these events. Six in total, double our previous record. Three were from the United States of America, two from the United Kingdom and one from France. This was the first time that we had American delegates. All three indicated that they were interested to participate in future PAMRO activities.

    Another first was to have an American as a session chair.

    The new format of the events that was agreed on last year at Victoria Falls, with country activity reports as the main item on the agenda of the meeting, worked well. Given the importance of these reports, it was decided to provide more information than only the status of the media audience and marketing research scene in each country. Additional information such as major economic activities, size of the Gross National Product, per capita income and others will be added. The report presented by Mauritius at the conference was regarded as a good example.

    Resulting from the first workshop (on population statistics, sampling methods and grossing up of the results to total population), it was decided that these details would in future also be provided on the PAMRO Website. A decision was taken that the Website will in future be used continuously, not only as a tool to provide information, but also to poll members' views on aspects such as what they think of the meeting and conference in Mauritius, suggestions how to improve and expand PAMRO's activities, etc. Advertising on and links to the PAMRO Website will soon be marketed.

    The feedback received from delegates was mainly positive, and constructive suggestions were made on how to improve the programme for future conferences.

    One very practical result of the event demonstrates that PAMRO works as a networking tool. One of the representatives was searching for research partners in a number of African countries. Just two days after briefing other members present, she found partners in all the required countries.

    Finally, we want to thank everybody who contributed to the success of our 5th meeting:

  • The sponsors listed below
  • The SAARF team who organized these events.
  • The important contribution of our Mauritian hosts, also mentioned below
  • The speakers and session chairs
  • All delegates
  • The Le Mauricia Hotel and International Conference Centre's staff

    Analysis Research, Mauritius - Delegate nametags
    Nielsen Media Research, South Africa - Folders, pens and pads
    South African Advertising Research Foundation (SAARF) - Secretariat
    Steadman Group, Kenya - Programme
    TVAfrica, South Africa - Conference bags

    Alchemy Ltd, Mauritius
    Analysis Research, Mauritius

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