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Slender Wonder is a medical weight loss programme that treats patients who struggle with obesity. Only Slender Wonder accredited doctors, trained by the organisation, may prescribe and distribute the programme.
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What is a medical weight loss plan?A medical weight loss plan differs from any other diet or eating plan in that it is has been created and is conducted and maintained by a group of weight loss doctors. Together with other weight loss specialists, they make use of their medical expertise in order to imply effective healthy behaviours as well as strategies and techniques to maintain a healthy weight after the initial weight loss. This article will explain what medical weight loss entails. 11 Feb 2019 Read more

How losing a small amount of weight can make a big difference to your healthIt has been found by weight loss specialists that even losing a small amount of weight and getting the ball rolling in the right direction is enough to have a positive impact on your health. Whether you only have a small amount of weight to lose or a much larger amount of your bodyweight simply beginning to move down on the scale will make a difference to you wellbeing. 12 Nov 2018 Read more

The connection between weight loss and fertilityMultiple studies have found that there is a correlation between weight loss and fertility. But how does it work? If you and your partner are trying to conceive could weight loss be a good place to start? In a nutshell, yes, losing weight with a medical weight loss plan or a weight loss specialist can have an effect on your efforts to get pregnant or help men to be more fertile. Here is how it works. 19 Oct 2018 Read more

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