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Xneelo provides reliable hosting for your business. With a stable network and 24/7 support, we ensure that your website stays up, stays fast and stays supported.

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With phishing on the rise, it's worth being prepared
Last year, 94% of South African businesses were the target of email phishing attempts. These attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with cybercriminals using carefully researched demographic data to create more realistic and accurate scams. 15 Mar 2023 Read more

Xneelo launches its WordPress e-commerce theme for the SME market
With the South African e-commerce market worth nearly $8.46bn (Statista) and post-pandemic consumers continuing to show a preference for online shopping, it's difficult for small business owners to ignore the appeal that e-commerce presents. 14 Sep 2022 Read more

Xneelo's green-friendly data centre continues to excel
Built using an award-winning green building design, xneelo's Samrand Data Centre proves the company's commitment to the environment while reducing operational overheads. 27 Jul 2022 Read more

New look, same award-winning service
It's official! Xneelo has a fresh new style, but while we've changed what we look like, we haven't changed who we are. 9 Jun 2022 Read more

Xneelo and Heavy Chef bring you the E-commerce Marketing Guide
South African e-commerce sales grew by 66% between 2019 and 2020 to more than R30bn. Taking this into consideration, having an e-commerce business makes good business sense in the current economic climate. Xneelo partnered with Heavy Chef and its nonprofit arm, the Heavy Chef Foundation, to create the Heavy Chef E-Commerce Marketing Guide to help you master e-commerce marketing for your business. 6 Apr 2022 Read more

Why SMEs should invest in web hosting
SME business owners have to embrace technology and digitalisation to remain competitive. Having a website is an important part of this as your business will become accessible to a new pool of potential customers on the internet. 17 Mar 2022 Read more

How to use brand storytelling to engage your audience
Xneelo explains how using brand storytelling to get customers to fall in love with your brand is as simple as following the plot of your favourite film. 8 Mar 2022 Read more

What does customer engagement look like post-pandemic?
Disruption caused by the pandemic has seen many businesses shift in the way they operate. Customer behaviour has changed too, and this requires another pivot - to meet new customer expectations. 24 Feb 2022 Read more

Why user experience is as important as what you're selling
As a business enabler, xneelo is passionate about educating small businesses on how to maximise their online presence. 2 Feb 2022 Read more

Digital marketing tactics every entrepreneur can master today
Being an entrepreneur is tough. Not only do you have to run your business - with all the administrative, financial and legal implications that entails - you also have to market your business too. Research conducted by Heavy Chef and xneelo within the Heavy Chef entrepreneur community shows that 46% of e-commerce entrepreneurs rate their marketing and sales skills as poor to average. This should come as no surprise. People with the vision to become entrepreneurs have probably not spent a lot of time working on their sales and marketing skills as they've been too busy hatching their great idea. And yet sales and marketing are an integral part of any e-commerce entrepreneur's success. 8 Dec 2021 Read more

Women are shaking up the e-commerce industry in South Africa
The Heavy Chef E-commerce Entrepreneur Education Report reveals that the growth of e-commerce in South Africa has been accelerated by five years since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Interestingly, it is women leading the charge. 2 Dec 2021 Read more

The best advice for South African entrepreneurs - from other entrepreneurs
When starting a new business, it helps to learn from other entrepreneurs who've been there. In fact, 72% of e-commerce entrepreneurs say that other entrepreneurs have had the biggest impact on their business. 30 Nov 2021 Read more

New report outlines the learning needs of South African e-commerce entrepreneurs
Starting your own e-commerce business can be tough - and learning the ins and outs even tougher. A new report identifies the challenges and skills gaps faced by South African e-commerce entrepreneurs, and outlines areas where the industry can offer assistance. 19 Nov 2021 Read more

4 WordPress design trends to follow
As an online business, your website is a powerful asset and you need it to make a good first impression. By getting up to speed on the latest web design trends, you'll be on your way to converting one-time browsers into loyal repeat visitors and paying customers. To set your website up for success, here are four WordPress web design trends to follow. 27 Oct 2021 Read more

Xneelo celebrates women in e-commerce
Let's celebrate South African women making waves in the e-commerce space. These remarkable women are starting companies, embracing retail landscape changes and raising their voices in support of other women. Here are seven South African women in e-commerce worth watching. 8 Sep 2021 Read more

Philip Delport appointed as xneelo CEO
Philip Delport has been appointed as xneelo's CEO, a role previously held by Hans Wencke. Hans will remain the founder and owner of xneelo and will continue to work with Philip and the xneelo leadership team in an advisory role. 30 Aug 2021 Read more

How customer reviews can help your SEO
Customer reviews are digital versions of word-of-mouth marketing. A review is written feedback of a customer's experience with a product they've bought, or a service they've used from your business. 27 Aug 2021 Read more

Reasons you should join a coding community. Today.
Whether you're a small business owner, managing your own website or you're trying your hand at coding as a hobby, joining a community is a great idea. Why? They offer you the support you'll need when troubleshooting challenging problems. Coding is an important skill to have - but it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. The good news is you're not alone. 10 Aug 2021 Read more

When - and how - to pivot your business model
We asked Heavy Chef's Fred Roed to explain when - and how - to pivot your business model. Here's what he had to say... 22 Jun 2021 Read more

Partnering up with CodeSpace to offer world-class coding courses
We're proud to share our partnership with CodeSpace, a global education institution that specialises in teaching coding and technology skills. It's no secret, Xneelo is passionate about helping small businesses grow. 14 Jun 2021 Read more

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