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The Woodford Group is a progressive, grassroots company that maintains a standard for excellence while consistently expanding horizons through technology, customer experiences, service level quality and social and environmental responsibility.
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Mastery and perfection - the future of car hire
The Woodford Group has been on a drive to bring mobility to everyday South Africans in a way that improves lives and enhances lifestyles. Its premier division, Woodford Car Hire, is taking this mission to new heights with a number of innovative and game-changing interventions. 22 Jun 2022 Read more

How Woodford Car Hire got to #1 in the car rentals industry on Hellopeter
At Hellopeter, we love shining the spotlight on local businesses that put in the work and are reaping the rewards. We share a recent customer success story of how Woodford Car Hire got to ranking in that sought-after #1 spot in the car rentals industry on Hellopeter. 14 Jun 2022 Read more

Woodford Group: The evolution of mobility
Since humble beginnings in 1991, the Woodford Group has always been driven by a passion to bring to the market a product that not only caters to needs, but that also succeeds in enhancing lives. 26 Apr 2022 Read more

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