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Renewal Institute Clinics are located in Gauteng, Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban. Our medical aesthetic treatments include injectables, medical lasers, PDT Therapy, Carboxytherapy, Mesotherapy and Laser Hair & Vein Removal.
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How Skin Renewal is clearing adult acne holisticallyWhether you're a teenager with raging hormones or a frustrated adult, acne is never a pleasant condition to live with. It affects our physical appearance as well as our confidence and can also cause high levels of discomfort and pain. Still, if you start experiencing breakouts, one of the first things you have to figure out is what's causing them. 8 Mar 2021 Read more

The way men take care of their skin is evolvingThere once was a time when the men's grooming section consisted of shower gel, razor blades and face wash. Now, however, men understand the importance of a good skincare and grooming routine. They've also discovered the benefits of professional skincare treatments including those that can slow down the ageing process. The sooner one starts using preventative treatments and products, the better the long-term result. After all, as with most things, it's much easier to keep something in good shape by maintaining it, rather than fixing it once it's broken. 10 Feb 2021 Read more

Why Skin Renewal's holistic body approach to weight loss worksAs much as good eating habits are vital to a successful slimming campaign, years of experience at the Renewal Institute has shown that lifestyle habits are just as important. If not assessed, addressed and changed, a long-term solution to weight loss just isn't possible. This isn't only true for slimming, but for overall health too. It's the very reason why Renewal Institute developed the four pillars of health - gut health, exercise, good nutrition and stress management. Each of these pillars are integral to one's well being with sleep optimisation being the foundation upon which they rest. 19 Jan 2021 Read more

The 4 pillars of healthIf you've been enjoying clear, healthy skin then suddenly experience some kind of flare-up, be it eczema or a breakout, it's time to start paying attention to your body. Much like the lights on a dashboard that tell us when something is wrong with our car, inflammatory skin conditions are a signal that something is wrong. 16 Nov 2020 Read more

Skin Renewal's Stellenbosch branch has relocated to beautiful new premises in Die BoordSkin Renewal's Stellenbosch branch has relocated to a fabulous new premises - Die Boord in Saffraan Street - just across the road from its old location. 27 Oct 2020 Read more

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