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Airport lounges occupancy up as corporate SA travels again

Domestic business travel, absent for much of the last two-and-half years is making a significant comeback.
Airport lounges occupancy up as corporate SA travels again
Airport lounges occupancy up as corporate SA travels again

Lounge access was once reserved for only the most elite travellers, those flying first class or who flew enough to have accumulated an elite status. Nowadays, that’s no longer the case. Even as airlines make it more challenging to achieve elite status, more travellers than ever are being introduced to the airport lounge experience. Credit card perks for private banking clients are making access to the business class lounges a lot more accessible.

Airport lounges occupancy up as corporate SA travels again

An increasing number of passengers are seeking out the calm haven of an airport lounge. The list of luxurious services continues to evolve and improve.

Says David McKenzie, CEO of Boo! Surprising Media Solutions, “The positive trend is that lounge traffic is predominantly back up to the pre-covid audience, with a collective reach of around 180,000 monthly visitors to our lounge portfolio. The average dwell-time in the lounge is also encouragingly pegged at around 45 mins.”

Boo! have pioneered and manage a very progressive national package of media inside the lounges where brands are paired with this premium audience. The packages have been designed to include multiple touch points for the business traveller to consume.

One of the most popular media platforms that has proven to be effective not only for the business traveller, but also for the lounge businesses is the Slow TV and Bidvest TV platforms.

Boo! had noticed that typical news channels such as eTV, CNN and BBC news were playing on the multiple screens, without any audio. Boo! designed a customised content channel that could play across the bank of TVs in the lounges where the content is consumed without audio. The Slow and Bidvest businesses are also able to use the TV screens to communicate to their customers, using it for general communication and internal promotions.

Says Mckenzie, “We were informed by lounge management, as one example, that the discerning lounge customer loved their range of wines. We engaged with Wine magazine and have subsequently assisted them to format their content on our platforms, we now also offer quality educational wine content, this is streamed alongside our three news channels that include local and international business, sport, entertainment and general news. Our content partnership agreements are extensive and include Media24, Thomson’s Ruiter’s, Beautiful news, Global Citizen, Wine, CAR and Getaway magazines as a few examples. Quality travel content is also key, we recently sourced eye-candy travel content.”

Iain Meaker, CEO of Slow, added "It’s been important for Slow to ensure we cover the costs of complimentary magazine and newspaper distribution, along with providing our customers with great visual content to help bide time whilst relaxing and enjoying our facilities. There will always be limited and restricted opportunities to achieve this. Working with Boo! and advertisers of like mind, we have been able to ensure that we are able achieve these goals, without enforcing any huge intrusion on our valued Guests busy schedules."

In closing Mckenzie adds, "Within the advertising sector, the airport is well known to offer the reach of the business traveller. The lounge audience however goes one step further, to offer the crème de la crème of the business traveller, while they are relaxing in luxury and consuming our carefully curated media platform."

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24 Aug 2022 12:48