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Primedia Outdoor announces the launch of Prime XOOH - eXtraordinary Out-Of-Home

Prime XOOH is the crystallisation of an innovation team created by Jorja Wilkins, executive of Marketing and Marketing Services at Primedia Outdoor who stated that, "this team has been formed to include employees that want to be part of something out of the ordinary - it is a place for creative and analytical minds to develop ideas that bring the extraordinary into play for the benefit of agencies and advertisers."
Primedia Outdoor announces the launch of Prime XOOH - eXtraordinary Out-Of-Home

Prime XOOH is led by the creative director of Primedia Outdoor, Mark Davis. Mark has over 30 years’ experience in advertising, with 15 of them in out-of-home. Mark has worked with and for many ad agencies both as a freelancer and creative director for McCann-Erickson and affiliated agencies in Harare and Gaborone where he was instrumental in winning brands Mascom and Standard Chartered Bank that included extensive outdoor work on both accounts. With strategic input from Wilkins on Prime XOOH, as an advocate for progression in OOH and gearing it for growth in the digital ecosystem – she identifies up-and-coming trends that can be adopted and adapted to promote OOHs position in the marketing mix.

Primedia Outdoor announces the launch of Prime XOOH - eXtraordinary Out-Of-Home

With the introduction of Prime XOOH, the company will have a focused collective of multi-disciplinary individuals to develop novel and strategic solutions to entice advertisers and delight audiences. Jorja Wilkins added: “Primedia Outdoor has launched unique offerings to advertisers over the past few years, and key products like Prime(i), Radio-to-Road, and Social Wall to name a few – we look forward to exciting the industry with even more original, disruptive products and solutions in the future”.

About Primedia Outdoor

Primedia Outdoor is the premier provider of out of home media solutions within sub-Saharan Africa. A Level 1 BBEEE contributor, Primedia Outdoor is currently the largest wholly South-African-owned outdoor advertising media specialist offering national outdoor exposure throughout South Africa and high reach in key markets in rest of Africa. Primedia Outdoor offers flexible coverage of the entire LSM/SEM spectrum, targeting cosmopolitan consumers in major urban areas through to those living in rural communities.

Primedia Outdoor delivers exposure across a mix of media opportunities and audience environments, including high-end digital signs, airport advertising, freeway and suburban spectaculars and street furniture, as well as static advertising and digital screens in malls. Since 2018, the Primedia Unlimited Malls business unit has been integrated into the Primedia Outdoor stable. With the integration, Primedia Outdoor’s total media offering makes major retail and brand platforms accessible to advertisers, offering media solutions that integrate shopper connections during the path to purchase journey.

14 Apr 2022 15:25