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Faces of Change: Ackermans celebrates women making a difference in their communities

Championing the unsung, unseen superwomen who continue to raise the bar for equality, kindness and above all, change within their communities, Ackermans' latest campaign provides a platform to amplify the good women do for those around them.
Faces of Change: Ackermans celebrates women making a difference in their communities

South Africa’s leading value retailer Ackermans is showing appreciation for the incredible tenacity of South African women with the launch of its ‘Faces of Change’ campaign, which aims to recognise and amplify the work of women who are making an impact in their communities.

“Covid-19 has had a devastating impact across the globe, but the silver lining is that there has been an incredible outpouring of charity and goodwill, says Shameema Maloon, Ackermans Advertising Manager.

“We’ve been proud to bear witness to the selfless efforts of a number of remarkable South African women, who have sacrificed their time, energy and resources to uplift their communities.

“We wanted to recognise and pay tribute to these individuals, and thus Ackermans has selected five out of many deserving women to become the heroes of our Faces of Change campaign.”

This digitally-led campaign - which kicks off on 11 June and, fittingly, culminates in Women’s Month - was conceptualised in collaboration with Ackermans’ creative agency 99c. It aims to promote the stories of the selected women, while creating awareness and lending support to the causes closest to each of their hearts.

In the first phase of the campaign, a custom-designed microsite will showcase the five individuals and their associated charity or organisation, while phase two invites the public to donate to their respective causes through the platform. This will also be amplified via Ackermans’ social media channels.

Faces of Change will follow the same winning formula as Ackermans’ enormously successful ‘I Am Me’ campaign, which also called upon South Africans to help the retailer identify women who would star in the campaign. In the final phase of Faces of Change, five new nominees selected randomly each week will feature on the campaign channels. This will encourage the public to support, donate and volunteer towards their chosen charities or organisations.

Maloon explains, “Most NGOs and community initiatives are largely reliant on the public for funding. They have limited resources which means they are often unable to reach a wide audience, which would enable them to access new avenues of support.”

The campaign aims to extend the potential reach of these organisations, through a custom-designed platform that facilitates these interactions with the public.

“Through Faces of Change, we hope to continue to explore and champion the theme of women supporting women, by acknowledging those who tirelessly give of themselves to help others; especially important during these difficult times.

“These women are the Faces of Change we need to see in the world,” she concludes.

17 Jun 2020 13:31