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A motorcyclist's guide to gear - three essential items

If you've been riding for a long time, you'll know that having the right equipment is crucial for every ride. If you are not wearing the correct protective gear when riding, your chances of suffering serious injury are increased should you become involved in an accident.
A motorcyclist's guide to gear - three essential items

Here’s a short list of the types of gear that are important and the dangers of not wearing them:

  1. Helmet
    A helmet is by far the most important element of protective gear you should wear when riding. It is, in fact so important, that if you are caught by officials riding without a helmet, you will be fined. Wearing a helmet reduces the risk of head injuries. It is encouraged that you invest in a good quality helmet that is well padded on the inside. Wearing a helmet can also prevent any bugs from flying into your face and it can decrease pressure from the wind on your ears.

    What could happen if you don’t wear a helmet? If you’re involved in an accident and you fall off your bike, you may experience a concussion, skull fracture, memory loss or other extensive trauma to the brain. These could lead to long term brain damage or be potentially fatal.

  2. Protective clothing (including: jackets, riding boots and jeans)

    • Jeans may sound rather strange appearing on a list of important motorcycle equipment, but they can help you if you find yourself sliding along a tar or gravel road. Shop around for jeans that have Kevlar liners in them for the best protection.
    • Riding boots can also protect you in a crash by preventing any foot and ankle injuries in an accident.
    • Motorcycle jackets can protect you when you fall off a bike. Ensure your jacket has enough padding, particularly around the shoulders and elbows.

    What could happen if you don’t wear protective clothing? You could suffer intense grazing or flesh-tearing injuries as these items act as a protective layer in the event of a fall.

  3. Gloves
    It is rather difficult to ride your motorcycle without using your hands - which you should protect by wearing gloves. Gloves will not only protect you if you fall, but they also help prevent numbness in one’s hands which is common for motorcycle riders.

    What could happen if you aren’t wearing gloves? If you are involved in an accident and are knocked off your bike, you could break your wrists, knuckles, or fingers should they not be protected.

When riding a motorcycle - whether you are headed to a mall not too far from your house, or on a long-distance adventure - make sure you are wearing your biker armour to protect you in the unfortunate event of an accident.

In addition to riding with the correct gear, ensuring you have motorcycle insurance with a reputable insurance company, is crucial. To ensure further protection, get affordable insurance to suit your budget, with benefits like free roadside assistance.

24 May 2017 15:24