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SAWIPB launches ‘Lead the way’ campaign for wine industry advancement

The South African Wine Industry Professional Body (SAWIPB) announced the launch of “Lead the way”, a dynamic campaign designed to engage the wider public and industry professionals in a collective effort to enhance skills within the vibrant wine sector.
SAWIPB launches ‘Lead the way’ campaign for wine industry advancement

After six years of dedicated development, SAWIPB is not just an initiative but a movement, inviting voluntary participation and offering career pathway support for individuals eager to elevate their expertise in the industry.

Kachné Ross, people and skills development manager at South Africa Wine and a key figure in the project, explains that SAWIPB is poised to offer career-enhancing opportunities to skilled individuals, from vineyard workers to winemakers, logistics professionals, and marketers.

Kachné Ross, people and skills development manager at South Africa Wine
Kachné Ross, people and skills development manager at South Africa Wine

“We want to keep the social component of our industry healthy, and we believe the best way you can do that is through education and support,” she says.

Vision and key initiatives

Rico Basson, CEO of South Africa Wine, articulated the foundational vision that propelled the early development and eventual establishment of SAWIPB.

Rico Basson, CEO of South Africa Wine
Rico Basson, CEO of South Africa Wine

This initial vision prompted South Africa Wine to prioritise the creation of training materials for vineyard workers, recognising their invaluable experience and acknowledging individuals as professionals within the industry.

“We set up the project to, at that stage, set up a learner management system. To start building careers for people to make sure that even a vineyard worker can become a professional by having a CV. It is a way for us to attract the best talent, more importantly, to retain that talent and make sure we grow that talent.”

The “Lead the way” campaign features several key initiatives to support the official public launch of SAWIPB.

It includes the release of interviews with pivotal contributors to the SAWIPB framework via podcast and YouTube, engaging the community through social media platforms with captivating content, and introducing SAWIPB to the wider agricultural community.

Commitment to career support and holistic sustainability

SAWIPB continues to prioritise career support, recognising prior learning and experience, fostering a community of experts who provide education and guidance, and setting high standards for industry practitioners.

The campaign encourages active participation, forming key partnerships, and promoting involvement across the value chain to build a robust, independently capable industry structure.

Membership benefits include access to a wealth of resources, knowledge donation days, and learning opportunities, allowing wineries and affiliates to recognise and develop professionals within their businesses.

Emphasising that sustainability is about people, “Lead the Way” enhances competencies across sub-sectors, benefiting approximately 300,000 workers and addressing critical skills development needs.

Key initiatives include expertise-based learning programmes tailored to the unique needs of the wine industry, a code of conduct to maintain high industry standards, and securing strong industry support from employers, industry bodies, and individuals.

While the organisation is not yet officially registered with SAQA, SAWIB is excited to share its diligent preparation for this milestone. This collaborative effort aligns with its vision to achieve certification and high standards, showcasing its commitment to professional growth and full SAQA accreditation.

5 Jun 2024 13:53