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Ready to be heard? Rate service delivery in your area - Your feedback matters!

Are you ready to shake things up and make a real impact on your city? We've got something exciting brewing that's going to turn heads and make waves across Gauteng and Western Cape!
Ready to be heard? Rate service delivery in your area - Your feedback matters!

Introducing our latest survey campaign, focused on empowering YOU to rate and review the elements of your daily life that matter most. How? Through the innovative iFeedback location-specific survey tool, accessible via a QR code.

Picture this: You're stuck in traffic at a bustling intersection, patiently waiting for the light to change. Instead of screaming in your car, why not make a difference? With a simple scan of a QR code, you can leave a review right then and there, and rate the service delivery in your area.

iFeedback enables multi-location brands to access crucial, location-specific survey feedback and customer reviews. As we gear up for the upcoming election, we're seizing this opportunity to gauge how South Africans perceive local service delivery. The insights gathered will be instrumental in shaping our communities and informing our elected officials as we approach the polls. Let's make our voices heard and drive positive change together!

Get ready to join the movement and be a part of something bigger than the pothole you’ve just seen. Keep an eye out for our QR codes popping up at intersections near you, because change starts with YOU.

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10 Apr 2024 11:27