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Navigating the evolution of local search

We are thrilled to announce that Location Bank India’s director, Dhaval Doshi has been selected as a judge for the prestigious APAC Search Awards, recognising excellence in search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). This recognition reaffirms Location Bank’s position as a leader in the local search industry, despite the business being just over two years old in India.
Navigating the evolution of local search
Dhaval Doshi, director at Location Bank Mumbai, India
Dhaval Doshi, director at Location Bank Mumbai, India

Dhaval shares his thoughts on Location Bank’s growth and position with the local search space.

In the ever-evolving landscape of local SEO, we've witnessed a shift from technical compliance to a more extensive approach. The rise of mobile internet has brought forth challenges and opportunities, requiring advanced techniques such as accelerated mobile pages, structured data, and rendering speed enhancements. In the local SEO realm, keeping location data consistent and updated is challenging, especially in a diverse market like India.

To address this, Location Bank has emerged as a growth partner for businesses in India. Unlike many other platforms, we automate and scale the local SEO process efficiently. Our platform not only publishes data across all endpoints but also responds to reviews, ensures data accuracy, and offers a single source of truth for enhanced SEO legacy.

In just 2.5 years, we've achieved significant milestones, commanding 5% of Location Bank's global revenue. This success can be attributed to finding product-market fit, streamlining processes based on client needs, establishing a robust operations team, and forging partnerships with a number of agencies. Our focus on integrating with the business goals of enterprises and agencies has paved the way for substantial revenue growth.

Local SEO in India goes beyond updating data on local listings. Our efforts involve educating and collaborating closely with marketing and operations teams. By tracking ROI and leveraging ORM best practices, evolving keyword strategies, and deep analytics, we enable brands to tap into local audiences and bridge the gap between online and offline channels.

As the future of local search unfolds in India and the broader APAC region, personalised and location-specific content takes centre stage. Location Bank is at the forefront, offering a robust platform that automates data consistency, review management, and API integration. Our commitment is to continue customising our offerings by integrating with regional mapping platforms, ensuring clients remain accurate and consistent across popular mapping platforms.

18 Jan 2024 12:14