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Trace Urban announces the return of Trace Fest as they also expand access to DStv subscribers

Trace Urban, the leading destination for urban and contemporary music entertainment, is thrilled to announce a significant milestone for its viewers. From Wednesday, 1 November 2023, Trace Urban will be accessible to DStv subscribers across the spectrum, from the Premium Package all the way down to the Access package.
Trace Urban announces the return of Trace Fest as they also expand access to DStv subscribers

This exciting development means that fans of the channel who previously could only tune in during DStv's "open" season, due to not being DStv Family subscribers, can now enjoy the channel all year long.

This move reflects Trace Urban's commitment to providing its audience with uninterrupted access to the best urban and contemporary music content, making it easier for fans to stay connected with their favourite music, artists, and cultural trends.

In addition to this exciting expansion, Trace Urban is thrilled to announce the return of the highly anticipated Trace Fest last held in 2019!

Music enthusiasts and entertainment aficionados, mark your calendars for Saturday, 2 December 2023, as Trace Fest is set to take the stage once again in Soweto, South of Joburg.

Trace Fest has become an annual celebration of music, culture, and entertainment, featuring some of the biggest names in the industry, electrifying performances, and memorable moments. This year's event promises to be even more spectacular, with a lineup that will leave fans eagerly counting down the days.

"We are delighted to make Trace Urban more accessible to our viewers through DStv's Access packages. Now, everyone can enjoy the channel's exceptional content throughout the year," said Valentine Gaudin-Muteba, Trace Southern and Lusophone Africa managing director. She added "Additionally, in line with the channel’s ongoing commitment to support local talent, we can formally confirm the return of Trace Fest, taking place on Saturday, 2 December 2023. It's going to be an unforgettable experience!"

Trace Urban remains committed to delivering the best in urban and contemporary music and entertainment to its audience, and these developments are a testament to that commitment.

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30 Oct 2023 10:49