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1Magic presents Impilo Ye Piano: Dive into the vibrant world of Amapiano!

The highly anticipated docu-series stars Nobantu Vilakazi, Josiah De Disciple, Njelic, Sandy MRD, and Mawhoo.
1Magic presents Impilo Ye Piano: Dive into the vibrant world of Amapiano!

This September, during the celebration of our diverse cultural heritage, 1Magic spotlights the mesmerising world of Amapiano in Impilo Ye Piano. Join stars Nobantu Vilakazi, Josiah De Disciple, Njelic, Sandy MRD, and Mawhoo as they seamlessly blend their beats with the nation's rich roots.

1Magic's latest offering, Impilo Ye Piano, transcends mere entertainment, shining a light on five talents that amplify the genre. The genre taking the world by storm reflects South Africa's tales, tribulations, and triumphs. The docu-series dives into these stories, where today's unsung heroes become tomorrow's legends, and witness how the rhythm of heritage transforms.

Nobantu Vilakazi: From Meadowlands, Soweto, Nobantu's raw energy encapsulates the Amapiano essence. Stepping into stardom with Khurukhutsu, her voice weaves melodies across the continent. But her heart? That beats for her son, Bandile, and her dreams of global acclaim. With allies Prince and Crispy, the stage is hers to conquer.

Josiah De Disciple: As one half of Jazzidisciples, he gave us Amapiano’s first music video, Long Lasting. Now solo, his soulful sounds on Sounds of Gomora are setting new records. But behind the turntables? A dedicated father and partner, guiding and nurturing Alexandra's Amapiano prodigies.

Njelic (Tshwarelo Motlhako): Amapiano’s grootman, his voice and beats are iconic. His commitment? To Soweto's young talents. His drive? World recognition. By his side? His sister Palesa, confidant Bravo, and his young daughter.

Sandy MRD: Amapiano's first female vocalist of Team Mosha fame, once at the peak, now battling to rebuild a broken career and reputation. From heartbreaks with Team Mosha to new beginnings in Riverlea, her comeback is one for the ages.

Mawhoo: This KZN sensation transitioned from Gqom to Amapiano like a phoenix.
Collaborations with the biggest names? Check. Social media sensation? Check. But her true journey? Merging Amapiano aesthetics with her rich Zulu heritage.

Shirley Adonisi, director of local entertainment channels, celebrates this intersection of culture and music: “Impilo Ye Piano is not just a show, it's a celebration of our heritage. As we mark Heritage Month, this series amplifies the voices of artists that embody the diverse rhythms of our nation. They are the heartbeats of a genre that's capturing the globe, and we're thrilled that 1Magic is leading the way in sharing their extraordinary journeys."

Against the lively backdrop of Johannesburg, Impilo Ye Piano delves beyond music, exploring the artists' inner feelings. This series captures Amapiano’s heartbeat in every scene. It's a front-row seat to their world, showcasing the spirit and drive behind every beat and every story.

Let 1Magic draw you into the immersive world of Amapiano, where dreams and determination dance in harmony.

Tune in! Fridays, starting 1 September, 8:30pm sharp. Only on 1Magic DStv channel 103.

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Ayanda Tikise

31 Aug 2023 15:42