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TV audience behaviour

To support our valued clients during loadshedding, DStv Media Sales (DMS) has introduced key initiatives to enhance campaign effectiveness and efficiency. These include, but are not limited to, added value across our array of product offerings, extensive audience data and insights, and the commercial.
TV audience behaviour

Launch of dedicated channels 109 and 110 loadshedding channels called Switch'd On

Which give viewers the opportunity to catch up on missed shows. DMS have observed that during recent periods of intense loadshedding, audiences are still consuming the platform. It is important to note that campaign performance cannot be attributed to a decline in DStv audiences, but rather changed behaviour due to delayed viewing opportunities.

Furthermore, there has been a noticeable increase in personal video recorder (PVR) and over-the-top (OTT) activity. DStv viewers appreciate the benefits of VOSDAL (Viewed on Same Day as Live), playback, and video-on-demand (Catch Up) to stay current with their favourite shows.

The movement of audiences from decoder to non-linear platforms such as DStv Catch Up on the Decoder and DStv App on live streaming and Catch Up is effectively countering some of the impact of loadshedding. In addition, DStv commercial channel TVs are declining at a rate of -4% and not to the level of total TV at -12% (source: TAMS April-November 2022 on 2021).

To counter loadshedding viewing disruptions and maximise reach, campaigns need to be adjusted. DMS recommends that advertisers extend marketing/retail activity and align it with on-air TV campaign periods; adopt a DStv omni-channel approach to capture audience flow across the DStv ecosystem; and utilise DStv-i, which offers more robust data, as a back-up planning tool (contact DMS for this service) and for post-campaign analysis.

DMS is here to support and partner with advertisers, keep the market informed, and find ways to ensure campaign success over this loadshedding "pandemic".

Please do call your DMS representative for a detailed and insightful presentation on the matter.

17 Feb 2023 12:23