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Stepping into the future of brand and customer experience

Ask Afrika, that had established the Ask Afrika Orange Index® in 2001 and Ask Afrika Icon Brands™ in 2010, is proud to announce that the winners of these two benchmarks will be announced during a luncheon at The Venue, Melrose Arch on 3 November 2022.

Ask Afrika has combined the awards into one event this year because they have seen the importance of the interplay between experience (customer, employee and user) and brand. In short, businesses thrive when they approach brand and customer experience holistically and build the brand-CX eco-system. Ask Afrika’s Wayfinder approach helps brands build this eco-system.

The Ask Afrika Experience-Brand Eco-system
The Ask Afrika Experience-Brand Eco-system

More about the benchmarks

The Ask Afrika Orange Index® – strategic customer experience, diagnostics, and trends.
The Ask Afrika Orange index® is at the forefront of service benchmarking and is the broadest independent, and most widely referenced customer experience benchmark in South Africa.

It is the definitive measurement for identifying the companies that offer the best customer service to their clients. The measurement is based on mixed method approach with over 30,000 completed interviews, which represents a representative number of clients in the various industries that have been measured. The Ask Afrika Orange Index® offers a strong base from which to rank the top customer experience companies in the country (it is widely known as the 'go-to' customer experience strategic benchmark in South Africa).

The Ask Afrika Orange Index® provides answers to questions you often did not know you had. The event will place an emphasis on the opportunities to work towards establishing excellence in customer experience in the various industries and inspire leaders to step into the future of customer experience.

Ask Afrika Icon Brands™ – a scientific approach to measuring brand loyalty.
The Ask Afrika Icon Brands™ demonstrate brand and product loyalty among South African consumers.  
The Ask Afrika Icon Brands™ survey is the largest benchmark of its kind in South Africa and covers 161 product categories this year measuring thousands of brands. 

This study uses a nationally representative random sample, 25,000 consumers were surveyed, representing 28,000,000 adult South African consumers. An enumerated area sampling design was employed, and the universe includes all communities with more than 8,000 inhabitants 15 years old and above. The data was weighted using the Statistics South Africa’s population estimates and audited by respected independent experts BDO and Dr Ariana Neethling. 

The data is collected via continuous face-to-face interviews throughout the year, from February to November. Interviews are household based and take place throughout the week, capturing the full life of consumers. The Ask Afrika Icon Brands™ index is essentially a weighed usage and loyalty index calculated to ensure that iconic status is universal across the population.

The Ask Afrika Icon Brands™ survey provides marketers wishing to target the entire population with the requisite tools to track trends and to gain greater insight into the consumer’s mind-set and behaviour.

This year’s event will cover why winners win and assist marketers and executives to step into the future of brand marketing and relevance.

We look forward to your company at this prestigious event, and hope that you could arrange your time to join us as we take you through some valuable insights and announce the winners of the two prestigious awards.

The event is an invite only event due to limited space. You will receive your invites from the Ask Afrika team throughout October. Please RSVP as soon as possible as the venue can only take a limited number of delegates.

Once again, a warm invitation for you to join us will be coming your way. Please book your diaries for a day not to forget as we are really looking forward to your presence. Alternatively connect with us, we would love to visit you and share these incredible insights with your teams.

To connect, you can contact az.oc.akirfaksa@lladneK or az.oc.akirfksa@airaM.

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