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Journey forms by Social Places

Do you know what your customer's experience is with your brand? Do you know about it while the customer is interacting with your brand?

'Social Places Journeys' is an award-winning product used by some of the worlds largest franchises that allows for live customer feedback at key points of the customer interaction, across a range of in-store and digital touchpoints.

Understanding your customer's experience and getting feedback is integral for your brand, but it becomes increasingly complex when you have multiple locations and multiple stakeholders.

What are Journey forms?

Journey Forms are Social Places white labelled feedback forms that allow you to easily collect customer details and feedback for key parts of the customer journey, providing valuable insights on a brand and store level. The forms have a range of customisation options, from white label branding, custom text, rating fields, drop downs, image sharing capabilities, and marketing opt-ins.

Let's go on a Journey
Let's go on a Journey
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Where can Journey forms be used?

  • QR code
  • In-store feedback
  • SMS
  • Website
  • Whatsapp
  • Apps
  • Bookings or appointment feedback
  • Mystery shoppers
  • Adhoc surveys
  • Competition entry mechanism

Simplify customer engagement

Once a customer completes their feedback, there are a range of notifications that can be triggered based on user settings (sms and email) to ensure negative feedback is reaching the correct people in live-time, as well as customisable workflows to suit your customer care strategy. This is all available through a centralised dashboard – resulting in transparency, collaboration and ultimately a quicker turnaround time on customer resolution. The dashboard CRM features include case owner allocation, omni-channel internal chat widget, and the ability to communicate with the customer through email and sms.

AI sentiment and red flags

Our powerful AI has been trained on over 2 million reviews which allows us to automatically categorise positive and negative sentiment tags such as product, pricing, atmosphere, etc.

As a result, our AI is able to pick up on potentially brand damaging sentiment such as food poisoning, racism, injury, etc. and flag these reviews to relevant users in your business through sms and email. This early warning system is proven to have a quicker turnaround time on serious issues for our clients, allowing them to often deal with the issue while the customer is still in store and ensuring brand damaging sentiment remains offline.


The Social Places Reputation reports allow brands to measure:

  • Overall feedback scores (public and private)
  • Customer care performance metrics
  • Feedback breakdown on a platform level (scores and volumes)
  • Positive and negative sentiment (brand Strengths and weaknesses)
  • Top and bottom stores
  • Unique business insights

Our omni-channel reputation report is used by many of the world's largest brands to make operational changes based on customer feedback as well as helps to improve public review scores over time.

Contact our sales team on oi.secalplaicos@selas for more info.

16 Sep 2022 12:16