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Manage your reputation. Manage your local SEO

Across almost every consumer-facing industry, from travel and hospitality services to healthcare, online reviews have become an essential part of digital marketing and reputation management.
Manage your reputation. Manage your local SEO

Brand conversations and ‘Word of Mouth’ are now happening online. Therefore, online reputation management is clearly critical to the success of your business.

Consider these statistics

Manage your reputation. Manage your local SEO

When you're wearing a thousand or more hats while managing your business, it's easy to forget one of the most critical things you should be paying attention to: your online reputation.

Active reputation management is key to boosting your online presence, ensuring greater visibility. Bottomline you’ll get more sales. Why? Because search engines give preference to well-managed and responsive businesses, which can be deemed trustworthy and real, thereby increasing their popularity and local SEO ranking.

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17 Aug 2022 16:32