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Are you suffering from infobesity?

Many organisations are facing a new phenomenon called infobesity - or information overload - which is negatively impacting their ability to make decisions. In theory, having so much information should be a positive, but only if you can effectively work through it, triangulate it and optimise the use of it to inform business decisions.

The innovation space is no different. Innovation testing drives innovation success. However, one future phenomenon innovation research has not yet stepped into is big data and the benefit and complexity presented by infobesity.

Innovation research is typically run in a siloed project. This works well within the space, and it is for this reason that we should not completely reinvent the wheel. In fact, the wheel should not be the focus, but rather the tyre. While different tyres have different functions, the purpose of the Ask Afrika 'tyre' is to get you to your destination more efficiently by enhancing the value received from your innovation research through the addition of TGI.

We turn big data into big insights through our Big Insights Strategic Solutions. Our Big Insights Strategic Solution transforms your data, our data and other data into structured information and then into big Insights that drive business action.

Are you suffering from infobesity?

How does our Big Insights Strategic Solution help marketers reach their destination more efficiently?

Generally, what marketing teams do after receiving innovation research results is to pull together brand plans based on those results. These brand plans usually include two important elements: who the target customer is, and how you can reach these customers. By incorporating TGI in our innovation research approach, Ask Afrika can reduce the steps and work required by your marketing teams by incorporating these brand plans into your overall research results. Ultimately, we’re taking advantage of the infobesity trend to make the lives of your marketing teams simpler and more efficient.

We can even use TGI to identify innovation opportunities and link these opportunities to untapped customer segments.

The innovation research techniques we cover include:

  • Claims testing
  • Pack testing
  • Concept testing
  • Product testing
  • Optimisation through conjoint analysis (used for packaging, concepts etc)
  • Price optimisation
  • and others…

Other tools at our disposal include partnering with various platform providers that provide us with access to features which we recommend based on our expertise. We use these tech solutions to drive ease of insights consumption which reduces the amount of effort you need to exert to drive business outcomes through your research results and other internal data.

Are you suffering from infobesity?

While the core approach to innovation research has been tried, tested and remains valid, there are areas of opportunity that will launch a brands innovation testing into the future. The Ask Afrika innovation toolbox enables this future-focused drive, in the process achieving efficiency and value-driven research.

Ask Afrika

Ask Afrika is a pre-eminent market research firm based in South Africa providing analytics, insights and solutions for business, marketing, communications, and philanthropic or cause marketing strategy in 54 African countries. The company has a well-earned reputation for being an industry leader, Our slavish devotion to the facts and the strategic direction this provides our clients is how our reputation has been forged and why our services are so sought after.


Ask Afrika has created a number of tried and tested benchmark studies which are consistently supported the majority of brand leaders.
Ask Afrika TGI is the largest single source consumer trend tracking data.
Ask Afrika Orange Index ® is a premium service benchmarking study.
Ask Afrika Kasi Star Brands ® ranks brands that have performed in South African townships.
Ask Afrika Icon brands ® is a brand loyalty benchmarking study

19 Jul 2022 09:49


About the author

Kendall has a passion for people and knowledge, and she uses her background in Human Genetics, Physiology (key focus on neuro) and Psychology to inform everything she does. Her experience across multiple disciplines, industries and countries has set her and her team up to provide consulting that is comprehensive and holistic.

Kendall started her career in innovation research with her core focus being product development in Africa. She then moved into the retail measurement space which developed her passion for business and helping drive business impact that was proven in market data (e.g., market share). Kendall's passion for people then moved her into customer experience space where she further drove business performance, but this performance was greater than mere market share, it related to peoples experience of brands which impacts their lives on a day-to-day basis.

Kendall has run multiple multi-country and multi-industry studies, and she loves giving a voice to those who do not have one.