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New Google Local Ads for franchisees

If you're a franchised business, deciding on where and how to spend your media budget can be challenging. With an array of platforms and media targeting options it's important to remember to have a strategy that not only creates brand awareness but also drives traffic to individual physical locations. Google has recently launched their new Google Local Ads and with 94% of consumers choosing Google over other mapping platforms, it's easy to see why the Social Places Media team strongly recommends using this ad type.
New Google Local Ads for franchisees
New Google Local Ads for franchisees

What makes Google Local Ads so effective?

Google Local Ads are specifically aimed at multi-location businesses with the goal of driving more foot traffic to stores. This is achieved through a wide range of targeting options, including user device types, customer search queries/history and distance around location to name a few.

New Google Local Ads for franchisees

What are the benefits of Google Local Ads for multi-locations and franchised brands?

  • Drive foot traffic by optimising ads for local call-to-actions, such as navigation and calls.
  • Reach customers across multiple channels including Google Search, Google Maps, Google Display, YouTube and more.
  • Simple and easy to scale - fully automated solution which uses machine learning to optimize your bids, creative and ad placements.
  • Get more calls, store visits and website traffic
  • Relevance - ads are shown to users within 5km of a physical store

Local Ads campaigns showcase your business across Google, including new branded pins and Google Maps ads

New Google Local Ads for franchisees

Consumers have become hyper-local due to Covid, wanting to support their community more than ever. This was also found in the results of our recent Local Landscape Survey where 81% of participants said they prefer interacting with a business on a local level rather than the brand head office.

The Social Places Media Team can help make the most of these data driven local campaigns by providing in-depth reporting and analysis.

Enhance your Google strategy and get more foot traffic to your locations today!

For more information contact oi.secalplaicos@selas

Social Places is a marketing technology agency which helps multi-location brands to manage their listings, reputation, reviews, ads, social and bookings at scale across multiple channels. Their clients include leading global franchise brands such as Massmart, McDonalds, Spur Group and Pepkor.

28 Jun 2021 18:02