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New VoiceMap tour allows you to explore Paarl safely and easily

VisitPaarl has launched free downloadable audio tours that allow users to explore Paarl at their own pace.
New VoiceMap tour allows you to explore Paarl safely and easily

Imagine strolling through the idyllic streets of Paarl, wondering about the history of a building, or whether there were any legendary characters tied to a specific street. With the launch of Paarl’s new VoiceMap tour, you can now have all your questions answered as you walk. Experiencing the delightful (and often quirky) history behind many of Paarl’s most exceptional landmarks is as easy as downloading the VoiceMap app on Android or Apple device and then downloading the Paarl Heritage Trail in the comfort of your home, grabbing a pair of earphones, and going for a walk. The app is used offline, to save on data and roaming costs.

A refreshing alternative to usual group tours, which are often time-sensitive, slow-paced and within a group of people, this guided tour allows you to take your time and enjoy the tour safely and easily. VoiceMap’s location-based technology means that you won’t have to rush from place to place. The app will pause as you do and pick up again when you are ready. So, while you are taking the tour, stop and have a coffee on the route without fear of missing out. The tour will also give you directions, allowing you to put away your phone and immerse yourself in your surroundings.

The Paarl Heritage Trail: A Story of Wine and Pearls is the first professional VoiceMap tour to be launched in the Cape Winelands, and is being launched in three languages: English, Afrikaans and German. The tour is Covid-19-friendly, keeping gatherings small and encouraging social distancing.

The passionate and seasoned voice of the tour’s guide shares stories of Paarl’s earliest residents and the wide range of architectural styles along Paarl’s iconic Main Road. Listeners will also be delighted by quirky facts about the town, hidden corners and a few surprises, as well as historical facts and significant events that helped shape the Pearl of the Winelands. Some of the tour’s main highlights include: the story of an influential resident who considered trains to be the antichrist; the spot where a businessman’s servants would roll out a red carpet for him every time he crossed the main road; one of only three buildings in the Cape with Egyptian decorations, and a church that makes its own wine. Listeners will be able to explore and learn, while surrounded by mountains, historic buildings and vineyards. There are also various
coffee shops and restaurants along the route, allowing listeners to grab a drink and food during their journey.

The Paarl Heritage Trail is built by storytellers for storytellers. Whether it is your first time in Paarl, or whether you are a local who is curious about the history of your hometown, you are encouraged to participate.

To download the tour in English, Afrikaans or German, please use the below links, or scan the below QR code and select your language.




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New VoiceMap tour allows you to explore Paarl safely and easily

17 Dec 2020 11:43