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Social Places releases AI early-warning system for Coronavirus sentiment and online reviews

Leading MarTech company, Social Places, who drive the use of consumer review management, reputation management and location-based marketing has expedited the functionality of their artificial intelligence feature to go live with the "Red Flagging" of any urgent topics including: disease, Coronavirus, COVID-19, hygiene, racisms, theft, assault, drugs as well as other important keywords that could have brand damaging implications for South African companies.
Social Places releases AI early-warning system for Coronavirus sentiment and online reviews

Social Places’ “GoReview” system which facilitates the aggregation and management of online reviews will pick up and flag all critical reviews across Facebook, Google and TripAdvisor. The software also offers an “in-store” live feedback tool which allows reviews to be dealt with immediately, offline.

“Social Places understands the importance of having early detection of any sensitive issues, particularly about any potential Coronavirus cases during this time. Further to this, hygiene issues have become extremely important for our clients who have multiple locations in the restaurant, retail, finance and fitness space” says Ashleigh Wainstein, co-founder of Social Places.

In a recent online consumer review survey that was conducted by Social Places towards the end of 2019, statistics showed that 89% of consumers read online reviews to make a decision about a business, whilst 92% of consumers expect a business to respond to an online review.

“These statistics highlight the importance of review management at all times and prove to be particularly useful during this period, where businesses are in a vulnerable position.” says Wainstein.

Social Places work with some of South Africa’s leading brands in the restaurant and retail space and to date, have consolidated almost 2 million online reviews for their customers.

For more information of GoReview and the services offered by Social Places, please contact az.oc.secalplaicos@selas for more information.

18 Mar 2020 12:15