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Membrana Media is introducing an innovative Headline Video

In a time when users are overwhelmed with information from numerous sources, content creators face a limited window to grab their audience's attention. Marketing researches indicate that users spend an average of eight seconds scanning a web page headline, deciding whether to stay or move on. In this brief timeframe, it's crucial to convince them that the content is genuinely valuable and present more reasons to stay.
Membrana Media is introducing an innovative Headline Video

To achieve this objective, Membrana Media introduces a premium product: Headline Video. Placed strategically in the most visible part of the article, between the headline and the first paragraph, the video player quickly and effectively captures the user's attention. Traditionally, editors used static images such as illustrations, photos, and graphics in this area. Nevertheless, with the rise of the popularity of video content contemporary trends in content delivery are undergoing a shift.

Core values of Headline Video

We suggest that publishers replace static images in the headline section with our player and fill it with fresh relevant video clips crafted daily by our production team. Сreators generate video content across 15 thematic categories, like Auto, Finance, Lifestyle, Sport and more.

We produce video to seamlessly match the editorial style: the embedded video preserves the page's native feel and does not contrast with its content. Additionally, our player can also display publisher-produced video content or videos from their Youtube channel that relate to the article's topic.

Our product embodies the pure In-Stream format, which, as known, has the highest CPM rate. More than that, since the player is positioned in the prime section of the page it boosts viewability of the video by up to 100%. Based on SimilarWeb statistics, the average user spends 88% more time on Membrana Media partner resources where our player with Headline Video is installed – 3 minutes and 50 seconds.

Our creators relieve editorial teams from challenging production of high-quality videos, while simultaneously providing an opportunity to earn through programmatic demand by using a quality inventory from Membrana Media.

Membrana Media is introducing an innovative Headline Video

The effectiveness of Headline Video

  • Headline Video provides a more comprehensive 3D perspective of the context compared to static images. It communicates necessary messages in a faster and more accessible manner.

  • Readers are more inclined to click on headlines with videos, since they are more engaging and informative than text and stimulate interaction with content on a deeper level.

  • Users are more likely to read content if it is immediately complemented by a video. This is due to the fact that Headline Video can help the reader better understand the article's topic even before reading it.

It is especially important to use Headline Video for covering events and news. For example, a news outlet can use Headline Video to show footage from the location of the event discussed in the article or supplement the material with relevant content on the topic. Video reports can convey more context and atmosphere, making the information more understandable for the audience.

The emotional connection with the content helps information be better remembered, with an attractive poster playing a significant role in encouraging users to press 'play'. A video clip captures attention more quickly, creating a brighter and more emotional user experience. With careful selection of video content, visitors will spend more time on your pages.

Editors strive to ensure that the texts in their publications are resonant. They do all possible to make them visible, shareable, and discussable. However, for this to happen, it is necessary to attract the reader and encourage them to stay on the page longer, which can be easily achieved with Headline Video.

Website visitors want not only to read the news but also to hear and see everything with their own eyes. Our product gives readers something they can’t get from a series of articles – multiple takeaways in a concise video. We encourage South African publishers to implement Headline Video on their websites, in order to enhance and enrich user experience through interactive presentation of their content. To get more details about the Headline Video product, please contact our South African country manager Dean Doxey.

16 Jan 2024 11:00