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Membrana Media's journey to Google Certified Publishing Partner prestigious badge

In a remarkable achievement this year, Membrana Media successfully attained the highly sought-after status of Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP). This prestigious recognition was a significant milestone for our company, aligning with our global expansion ambitions.
Membrana Media's journey to Google Certified Publishing Partner prestigious badge

Earning the Google Certified Publishing Partner badge is a testament to Membrana Media's commitment to excellence. While our technical stack remains unchanged, this achievement holds immense value for our global reputation and prestige. Securing The Top 50 position in the video monetisation category highlights the depth of our integration with Google and serves as a prominent testament to our demonstrated expertise in the field.

This achievement underscores our commitment to maintaining high standards, distinguishing us in the constantly evolving video production environment.

Membrana Media continues to pioneer new avenues for publishers to monetise digital content and elevate user engagement.

Why pursue this?

Becoming a GCPP is a rational decision rooted in the desire to expand our advertising capabilities by collaborating with one of the giants in the advertising industry. This partnership has not only widened our market opportunities but also helped strengthen our presence on the global stage.

GCPP status allows us to differentiate ourselves as a certified Google partner. This creates an additional layer of trust among potential clients and partners, recognising our expertise and ability to provide high-quality advertising services with Google's set of tools.

Membrana Media's journey to Google Certified Publishing Partner prestigious badge

The way to GCPP: Our experience

The journey to GCPP status typically involves several steps. That's how it happened with us:

  1. Application: Start by applying to the multi-channel (MC) programme to become a Channel Partner.

  2. Qualification: After a year in the MC programme, qualify for GCPP with a quality score above zero.

  3. Access to partner portal: Gain access to Google's specialised partner portal, providing essential resources and tools.

  4. Examination: Pass the online exam consisting of 59 questions related to Google's advertising products and policies, achieving a minimum score of 85%.

  5. Team participation: Ensure that three or more team members pass the exam.

  6. GCPP designation: After successfully meeting these criteria, earn the Google Certified Publishing Partner status.

Challenges you might face, and maintaining GCPP status

Maintaining GCPP status requires vigilance and adherence to Google's highest standards. Companies must consistently demonstrate quality and ethics, as quality score plays a pivotal role. However, our journey from application to certification took approximately three months, emphasising the importance of proactivity, adaptability and persistence.

Benefits GCPP status brought us

Members of our team can individually register on this partner portal under Membrana Media, gaining access to various programmes, exams, marketing channels, and events. Additionally, as partners, we receive exclusive notifications from Google regarding a range of events.

Earning GCPP status offers a range of benefits from Google:

  • Account management and executive support:
  • Dedicated strategic partner manager;
  • Access to exclusive Google products and capabilities;
  • Regular business reviews.

Technical support and training:

  • Insights into Google's product roadmap and early feature access;
  • Tailored training programmes;
  • Exclusive access to the learning database;
  • Membership in the global Google Certified Publishing Partner community.

Business development and marketing:

  • Partner badge recognition;
  • Inclusion in the Google Partner gallery;
  • Product certifications;
  • Exclusive co-marketing opportunities with Google (publisher events);
  • Access to marketing materials and support.

The recognition of our company and its quality is akin to earning a Michelin star for a restaurant. Both these statuses signify reputation and image, but they need to be consistently upheld to maintain high recognition and reputation in the digital industry.

That's why we are committed to strengthening our partnership with Google. Recently, Julia Kuznetsova, our demand performance and monetisation manager, attended a Google conference in Ireland. Such events are a regular practice for us, as we continually receive invitations and actively participate in such gatherings.

Membrana Media's journey to Google Certified Publishing Partner prestigious badge

Preventing GCPP loss

To avoid losing GCPP status, companies must uphold quality and adhere to Google's standards. Quality score, regularly updated, monitors performance and should not drop significantly. Violations, such as policy breaches or substantial fraud, can lead to revocation, but Google typically provides time for rectification.

Membrana Media's plans for the future

With GCPP status achieved, Membrana Media is eager to continue its partnership with Google. Our ambitious next step is to attain Premium status. This ongoing journey motivates us to continuously improve our skills and uphold the highest standards in collaboration with Google. Our commitment to growth and excellence in digital advertising remains unwavering.

Beyond our pursuit of excellence, Membrana Media is dedicated to supporting South African publishers in their efforts to monetise video content and enhance user engagement. We are eager to extend our expertise and collaborate with publishers in South Africa, contributing to the growth and success of their digital ventures.

In conclusion, Membrana Media's journey to Google Certified Publishing Partner status is a testament to our dedication to quality and professionalism in the world of digital advertising. It's a significant achievement that marks the beginning of an exciting path toward even greater accomplishments.

14 Sep 2023 10:23