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GTH introduces cutting edge GPS technology to team racing

Currently, the absence of historical data limits the amount of comparative information gained from the sectional times. However, over the course of the four GTH race meetings, significant new data will be generated. This new data will, in turn, further enable form students to gain an insight into how races are run on the Hollywoodbets Greyville turf...

Created by French company McLloyd and utilised at over 40 racecourses in France for racing operator France Galop, the bespoke GTH technology instantly calculates times and speeds by recording the precise location of every horse several times a second, via wireless signals sent between transmitters placed in the Jockey’s apparel and mobile or cell phone towers.

GTH introduces cutting edge GPS technology to team racing

Launched in 2018 with trotting races in France, McLloyd tracking system now covers every tracked race in France over more than 40 racecourses, including the Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe and The Prix d’Amerique Legend Race, delivering more than 30 indicators for each horse, with the highest accuracy in real time.

Previous attempts to introduce sectional timing in South Africa have been somewhat controversial and to date no sectional timing data has been made available to the general public. GTH has funded the cost of developing sectional timing in its entirety for the GTH series.

In due course, the data generated from the 32-race series will be made available to the public, in the interim, contact GTH for a full report.

They provided an example this week (Race 1 on August 5) – click here to view:

GTH introduces cutting edge GPS technology to team racing

William Dien, Head of Department & Communication for McLloyd states, “Our track record in Horse racing is undisputed. We are heavily involved in France and are proud to expand our horizons and bring our technology to South Africa. Our GPS Tracking system will be used to capture racing data in real time and provide fans with digital representations of the data we track, in a bid to increase fan engagement.”

McLloyd’s HPv2 trackers are the most accurate system on the market, with more than 30 indicators generated every 100 milliseconds for every single runner. The data collected is accessible in real time, with low latency, for a flawless transition to the supporters in the stands and in front of their screens. The fact that the system requires no antenna or wires means that the HPv2 system is also the most convenient in terms of logistics.

Dien adds: “We are proud to associate our brand to such an innovative and exciting new aspect to the sport of kings and are waiting in anticipation to see the final results!”

For further information on McLloyd please refer to their website:

Timeform’s industry respected comprehensive guide to sectional timing is also available to download via the following link:

30 Aug 2022 14:14