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BOO! creates Dopamine and secures SAA in-flight entertainment!

  • Dopamine is a feel-good neurotransmitter. The brain releases it when we feel pleasure, as part of our internal reward system.
  • People see over 5000 messages in a day and remember 5.
  • Dopamine is what ensures that your message is one of these.
  • That feeling when you see a great piece of digital signage content, it is created by Dopamine.
  • BOO! creates Dopamine and secures SAA in-flight entertainment!

    Dopamine is an exciting new company that has kicked off with a partnership with Anuvu and SAA. Anuvu is the leading provider of inflight entertainment and high-speed connectivity for some of the top global airlines.

    Anuvu has appointed Dopamine to create two 30-minute magazine shows every month for their SAA client. The shows provide SAA’s domestic customers with much-improved in-flight entertainment via the dropdown screens visible across the entire fleet. BOO! have multiple unique content partnerships and provide highly entertaining magazine shows.

    Says Dave Mckenzie, founder, and CEO of BOO! “Dopamine initially operated for several years as an in-house service that serviced BOO!’s extensive DOOH platform. It has recently been spun out into a stand-alone company with the ability and ambitions to secure its own dedicated clients such as Anuvu and SAA.’’

    Dopamine is a wholly owned company from the BOO! stable of companies. It is credited for pioneering a youth TV channel for the Gen Z audience that is broadcast to more than 180 screens strategically located in 8 of the top 10 universities across South Africa. The Campus TV network is viewed by an audience of over 280,000 students every day. It also operates business class lounge channels that not only service South Africa, but also several other Southern African countries.

    Dopamine currently operates across the aviation, education, hospitality, and retail industries and is open for business to design and manage your digital network requirements.

    6 Apr 2023 11:07