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Clinix Health Group celebrates International Nurses Day

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world. Nurses are on the frontlines of this pandemic, and tragically, many nurses sacrificed their very lives. We honour and remember those fallen heroes, but we also need to learn from this pandemic. We need to check our health systems and how to respond in the future. We need to seek ways to improve the conditions of the nursing profession.

We Speak to Group Nursing Service manager at Clinix Health Group, Matron Lydia Moremi about her nursing profession journey:

Q: How did you end up in the nursing field and what drew you to the profession?

A: I knew already when I was ten years old that I'm going to be in this profession, to be honest, because my maternal grandmother was asthmatic, I used to assist her with her medication. The way I was doing it so well, she encouraged me. She said: "Please, my child, if you can just go and do nursing because I can see that you’ll be able to take care of patients." And you know, the people that encouraged me were also nurses from Baragwanath, I once visited there when I was in secondary school. You know the way they walked, the way they worked… they encouraged me to recognise the profession to pursue in life.

Q: What has your experience been in your healthcare career?

A: You know, it has been wonderful. It is not an easy industry/profession to work in but the relationships you build and the experience of working with the most dedicated staff and self-motivated professionals, it’s been so rewarding for me.

Q: What are some of the greatest challenges you see nurses facing today?

A: You know the challenges are unique, but the biggest challenge is the shortage of staff which is a global challenge. It's the unavailability of a skilled workforce. It’s also the long hours that the nurses work and even the changes in technology.

Q: In your opinion, what can alleviate the effects of the nursing shortage?

A: Training, training, and more training of nurses is very crucial. Also, our South African Nursing Council needs to accredit more private institutions because at least with private institutions, the process of training nurses is faster. So training is crucial for us.

Q: Since the pandemic, how have things changed in the healthcare system? Have they changed for the good or bad?

A: You know, I can say it was bad. Most people have lost their lives, especially the frontliners. And then on the flip side, you know, the pandemic has also taught us how to take care of our own lives as healthcare workers – sometimes we are so good at helping others but not so good at taking care of ourselves.

Q: During the pandemic many healthcare workers, including nurses, struggled mentally and physically, how did Clinix Health Group deal with the burnout on the front lines of Covid-19 health workers?

A: We have done well! We provided constant communication from our head office to all our frontline staff on the ground, we shared all protocols that had to be followed timeously. Our biggest priority, which still is, was the safety of all our people on the ground and how to mitigate whatever fears they might have had.

Q: What do you love about the career?

A: You know one thing I love about this career, is its flexibility. I started as a bedside nurse and then I became a professional nurse. From there I became a unit manager, then a Nursing Service manager up to my position now where I’m Group Nursing Service manager – so there are huge growth opportunities in this career, you won’t be stagnant in the same position if growth and career opportunities are what you are looking for.

About Clinix Health Group

Clinix Health Group was founded by Dr Khamane Obed Peter (KOP) Matseke in 1992, and has grown from strength to strength. In 1992, the company employed less than five people who led our first hospital, Botshelong Empilweni Private Hospital, to open its doors to the Vosloorus community in 1994. With over 20 years of providing quality healthcare in the communities we operate in, Clinix Health Group owns and manages seven hospitals and has approximately 2,600 individuals that are working in our hospitals daily.

Our hospitals:
1. Botshelong Empilweni: Vosloorus
2. Dr SK Matseke Memorial: Soweto
3. Victoria Itokolle: Mafikeng
4. Tshepo Themba: Soweto
5. Naledi Nkanyezi: Sebokeng
6. Solomon Stix Morewa Memorial: JHB
7. Dr GM Pitje Day Hospital: JHB
8. Cullinan Wellness Hospital: Pretoria

12 May 2022 13:19