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Hamiltons Advertising agency celebrates 25 year birthday with the appointment of Deputy MD and move to brand new purpose-built office space

Full-service advertising agency, Hamiltons Advertising, is celebrating its 25th year of business this month with the appointment of Deputy MD, Nicole Botha - and a move to their brand new offices in Brackengate Office Park. Says Lisa Currey, Managing Director of Hamiltons Advertising, "The past 25 years has been an exciting journey, with many opportunities and challenges - none more so than this recent year! Despite everything, I am thrilled to celebrate this milestone with a thriving creative portfolio, the appointment of new leadership, stunning new offices, and a growing team - the quality of which is reflected in the impressive roster of clients that we serve."
Hamiltons Advertising agency celebrates 25 year birthday with the appointment of Deputy MD and move to brand new purpose-built office space

The Cape Town-based agency has grown from strength to strength from its humble beginnings as a design studio in the centre of Cape Town’s bustling CBD - establishing itself as a fully integrated marketing agency, specialising in the retail sector. Says Currey, “I started this business by educating myself and my team along the way and with the firm belief that, while we didn’t know everything, we could do everything. Today, the agency is still driven from the front and we operate with the same passion, creativity, and “yes, we can” attitude in our approach to client campaigns and relationships.”

25 years later, Lisa is still fully active in all aspects of the business, both on the creative and client side, and of course on the ground in the new space with her “Hamfam”. Cultivating a great team has been the most important element in the Hamiltons success story.

Hamiltons Advertising reaches its 25-year milestone with an excellent track record of de-livering results in the competitive South African retail landscape. Since its inception, the agency has offered a full-service campaign offering - which includes press, print, TV and radio production, store design, digital, and content creation. Their wildly creative television and print ads are a showcase of how Hamiltons Advertising does it differently. Says Currey, “Yes, we do it differently. Often, there isn’t time for lengthy boardroom debates and big client budgets are not always available. This challenges us to think on our feet and be creative in both our solutions and design.”

During the 25 year tenure working with the Food Lover’s Market Group, Hamiltons Adver-tising has created a strategic partnership with the brand, which has seen the retailer grow from 5 stores to 120, and more than 300 FreshStop @ Caltex outlets nationwide. More re-cently, Hamiltons Advertising has created digital content for @home as part of their Yellow Room division (TYR). TYR is the content creation and digital division of the mothership.

“So maybe we sweat the small stuff, but that’s because we learn from the best. It’s all in the detail. We’ve found that hard work, ethics, passion, and relationship over revenue is the key to a long and enduring client relationship that continues to be mutually rewarding," says Currey.

The appointment of Nicole Botha to the position of Deputy MD is part of a drive to intro-duce a dynamic new energy and strategy to the agency. Her main role will be to support managing director, Lisa and to drive both the creative and business agenda of the agency, while still playing an integral part on the Food Lover’s Market Group Account.

Says Botha, “My role has never been static and I’ve had the opportunity to sink my teeth into all parts of the business. The nature of our relationship with our clients has given me first-hand experience of the retail space we operate in. Every single day, for nine years, I’ve been tasked to think on my feet and act quickly in the best interest of the respective brands we represent. I believe this skill of agility and resilience places me in the best pos-sible position to drive forward a sustainable agency design.”

“Nicole always puts her client’s best interest first and is building a key understanding of their industry,” says Currey. "I am excited to keep building our clients’ brands with her through the Hamiltons philosophy of being flexible, resilient, and to never stop innovating."

The brand new Hamiltons Advertising office - called the Hamstead - is located at the Brackengate Office Park in Brackenfell. Purpose-built, with both creatives and clients in mind, this 1000m2 space includes a full shooting film studio, shooting kitchen, editing suite, spaces for the creative, client services, and finance teams - as well as unique pause areas for creative brainstorming, as well as a bright yellow golf cart to buzz around in and pick up the clients.

Concludes Currey, “You should be reaching out if you’re the type of client that works on a tight turnaround, an even tighter budget, and you need world class creative campaigns that work. The test of our offering is our 25 years of relationships with wonderful clients - relationships which have seen them grow from strength to strength with Hamiltons as part of their team.”

4 Oct 2021 10:38