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Thotbox: Ploughing into the future of community media

Established in 2015, Thotbox is a media sales company that specialises in community radio airtime sales by integrating all regional radio stations to form a national grid. With its roots in community growth and development, Thotbox has become a well-respected media buyer in the community radio space.
Staying true to our name, we love to think outside of the box when we create strategies that will benefit and uplift the communities we broadcast to. We wanted to make community radio as accessible as possible and therefore operated as a mobile recording and broadcasting entity that would allow stations to broadcast their interviews and pre-recorded messaging from any location.

As an entity that prides itself on growing others, it is no surprise that we too have grown from strength to strength over the years. A diligent team of six, spearheaded by Tiro Kgoroeadira, has managed to secure representation for all community radio stations in South Africa, the SADC region and East Africa.

Founder and CEO of Thotbox, Tiro Kgoroeadira
Founder and CEO of Thotbox, Tiro Kgoroeadira
The strides made by us as an entity can be attributed to the dynamic leadership style of CEO Tiro Kgoroeadira. His forward-thinking approach to community media and wealth of knowledge within the industry is what makes Thotbox the game-changer it is today.

“'It takes a village to raise a child’ is the core of my values and principles. Through the years, this propelled me to utilise my passion for development and transformation within the community media sector.” Tiro Kgoroeadira

We started out as a community radio airtime sales agency, specialising in Outside Broadcasts and Simulcasting. Outside Broadcasting is an integral part to community radio stations as we allow them to continue their broadcast as usual while also placing them right before their audience at community hotspots.

In addition to that, Simulcasting, which is simultaneously broadcasting an ad or interview across multiple community radio stations, also allows community radio stations to share their content further than one typically could. By 2018, Thotbox had worked with the State Information Technology Agency (Sita) to simulcast their Hackathon – a feat only a handful of agencies can claim.

Our growth in 2018 was unrivalled as we expanded into media buying and worked with big names such as Brand SA and Cricket SA (MultiChoice). Furthermore, our reach extended beyond community radio as we began to explore community newspaper placement. These impressive strides lead to Thotbox becoming a well-respected media buying organisation by 2019, with community radio being the strongest arm of the business.

Our vision is for community media to be valued as much as commercial media and this would be achieved by ensuring that the ad-spend on community media matched that of commercial media. As an entity, Thotbox wanted to ensure that community radio stations not only become a formidable force within the radio space but that they also become self-sustaining and self-reliant enterprises.

Years later, our vision has not changed as we have continued to make strides in the community radio space. Thotbox has succeeded in assisting with revenue generation within the community radio sector while also proving to the private sector that there is value in community media. We have created a demand for media buying within the once small and undervalued community media space.

Thotbox differs from other agencies in this space due to our strategic partnerships with the NCRF (National Community Radio Forum) and the MDDA (Media Development and Diversity Agency). These partnerships allow us, and by extension our clients, a direct relationship with community radio stations; and these relationships are where mutually beneficial relationships flourish.

As 2021 draws to a close, Thotbox already has its sights on a stellar end to the year and a stellar beginning to 2022. We continue to aim higher than ever before, and our current project is set to transform the community media sector as we know it.

22 Nov 2021 09:11