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The value of working with a recruitment agency

“Many companies, even those with highly developed human resources departments, don't seem to grasp the value of a streamlined and efficient recruitment process,” says Viv Gordon of Viv Gordon Placements (VGP).

Viv continues to say that a candidate's first contact with a company is also his or her first experience of the company and will serve as basis for a crucial opinion of that company and for the candidate's decision to associate him or herself with the culture of the company.

Overly long response time or drawn-out feedback after submission of a CV, or following first and second interviews, can swing a candidate's upbeat and positive impression to one that's negative and filled with disappointment. “Our experience tells us that when a candidate feels neglected, he or she will take things personally and will most possibly blame the company. Although poor recruitment procedure may not be representative of the entire way in which the company operates, the candidate will certainly fail to read it that way,” says Viv.

Using a recruitment agency will go a long way in helping to manage this reputation. A professional and efficient recruiter knows how to co-operate with the company and will facilitate the process. Even when things can't be speeded up, the recruiter should stay in touch with the candidate and keep him or her informed of progress and of reasons why it is taking so long. The recruiter will sustain the candidate's morale and manage expectations, both negative and positive.

The value of the recruitment agency is not to be judged by the quantity of CV's forwarded, but by their quality. Also to be considered is the time that the agency has spent over the years, weeding out candidates not to be presented due to a variety of factors such as poor work ethic, poor attitude, dishonesty and lack of relevant skills.

When a recruitment agency is truly selective, it should submit a maximum of five relevant CV's of candidates who would be ideally suited to the job and to the culture of the company.

“Before we submit our final list of suitable CV's, we spend a good deal of time interviewing, reference checking, liaising and maintaining the company's good reputation. This elimination/selection process takes up a substantial amount of 'man hours', and it saves you as company many hours of reading unsuitable CV's and interviewing unsuitable candidates,” says Viv.

26 Sep 2008 13:44


You'd say that, wouldn't you Viv?
Posted on 26 Sep 2008 14:03
Absolutely Right!-
I have been in the recruitment field for many, many years and I completely agree with Viv. Don't judge the entire industry by a bad expereince you may have had with one or two agencies. Keep looking until you find a professional one who take pride in what they do.
Posted on 29 Sep 2008 20:37