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Viv Gordon Placements celebrate 21 years of expertise

June this year marks the 21st birthday celebrations of Cape Town's premier niche placement agency in the advertising, marketing and publishing industry - Viv Gordon Placements.

Viv Gordon Placements celebrate 21 years of expertiseStarting as a one-man-show in 1987 the company has grown from strength to strength through the years and has long been enjoying their sovereignty as one of the most trusted brand names within the recruitment industry. With a committed team of seven staff, they've proven themselves as a dedicated placement agency with an impressive track record of repeat business throughout the years.

Servicing both the job creators and seekers markets, Viv Gordon Placements has set themselves apart by acting as Career Pathfinders for their candidates and business partners. "We take what we do to heart. It is not about collecting and distributing CVs, but about finding the perfect match that will be mutually beneficial to both parties," says Viv Gordon. She continues by saying that they endeavour to place top quality talented people with not only the relevant skills but someone who will blend in with the culture and team they'll be working with. Should they feel the candidates are not suitable; they'll continue the search rather than filling a space due to the demand and compromise their and their clients' standards.

Through the years VGP has impacted on the lives of thousands of candidates by helping them with more than just finding a job, but in guiding them down their 'career path'. "We spend a considerable amount of time with each candidate counselling them regarding their careers," says Viv. She continues by saying that in many instances, they will recommend candidates to stay where they are and face their challenges, as those challenges are often a part of their growth. "Each move that our candidates take has to be relevant to their 'career path' in order to get them to where they ultimately want to be. Each position has to be able to provide them with the experience and expertise that they require in order to be at the ultimate top of their game," says Viv.

VGP has experienced numerous challenges over the years. However, with hard work and dedication the company has always been able to overcome them. "The biggest challenge today is finding suitably qualified and experienced staff," says Kathy Morris, a senior consultant and Director of VGP. This has become increasingly difficult due to the brain drain and lack of training throughout all sectors within the demographics. Adding oil to the fire, is the expectancy from companies, that candidates should be able to do 100% what they are required to, instead of investing in training their staff to be more equipped. In Cape Town particularly it is difficult to keep experienced black candidates in the region. "Demographically, there is not a large black community in the Cape and we find that black candidates battle to integrate into the Cape black community, and thus have a lack of support structures," says Kathy.

Over the years VGP has played a watchdog role in the communications industry - giving the company the ability to provide employers and employees insights that will allow them to make informed decisions regarding recruitment and staffing. "Advertising, marketing and public relations is an industry that people aspire to work in and many potential candidates think that they can do the job without the relevant experience and qualifications," says Viv. She continues by saying that it has become evident in recent years that companies are operating in a much leaner environment and therefore only employ when it is absolutely necessary. This impacts on the number of suitably experienced employees being available in the market. The industry as a whole does not have a great training ethic and very often employees at all levels, are promoted into positions that they are not yet ready for and this ultimately affects the quality of the work. "For this reason it is our responsibility to be honest with our candidates and encourage them to either stay in certain positions in order to obtain more experience and to grow, and also to separate the 'wheat from the chaff'. This is where we add value to our clientele by making sure we put the right people forward for positions," concludes Viv.

10 Jun 2008 15:26


Tim Pinder
Congrats Viv-
You are a true professional.
Posted on 11 Jun 2008 09:24