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Most employers are doing prepaid purchases the hard way - Are you one?

Do you have a heavily overloaded HR department or a poor administrative clerk with the responsibility of sorting out all your business' prepaid airtime, data and electricity purchases on a weekly or monthly basis?

With prepaid airtime, data and electricity demands rising higher than ever before, the purchase of these products can easily take hours if not days of a resource’s time. Up to very recently, there has not been a solution that enables businesses to recharge or load 1,000-5,000 cell phones at once, neither could anyone load electricity onto hundreds of prepaid electricity meters without doing so one meter number at a time – then we’re not even mentioning network challenges or frustrations with municipalities.

Most employers are doing prepaid purchases the hard way - Are you one?

This has changed!

By utilising over a decade’s experience in the online prepaid product space, Prepaid24 has developed an effective Business Services solution that helps companies to remove all the unnecessary hassles from prepaid product purchases. Whether it’s electricity, data, airtime, Uber, Google Play, Netflix, Microsoft or antivirus products you need, through the Prepaid24 Business Services portal, what used to be a nightmare has turned into a walk in the park.

What are the major benefits?

  • Time is money. You’ll save both.
  • Business Services clients receive SARS-compliant VAT invoices for all transactions.
  • Prepaid24 has consultants that can answer product and recharge queries from 7am–11pm every day of the year, including weekends and public holidays. We understand not all businesses hold business hours and challenges normally happen after hours.
  • Prepaid24 staff are market professionals. If there are any challenges, our expert consultants will sort it out, meaning that you won’t have to.
  • Each business client has a relationship manager who will service and customise business profiles to make the recharge process easier every month. These managers are available from 07h30–17h00 on business days.

How does it work?

  1. Quick and simple registration
  2. Creating an Excel order sheet
  3. Order upload
  4. Making payment via EFT or Prepaid24 SmartFund
  5. Receiving products/voucher codes

It truly is that simple!

We often get the question: “Why didn’t somebody do this years ago?” Our answer: “We honestly don’t know – but we’ve done it now and have made it our mission to simplify and enrich the lives of as many business owners, managers and employees as possible, through our Business Services offering.”

In several months of increased service adoption, we’ve found that business owners use our platform for three distinct purposes:

  1. Operational requirements
    Everyday business requirements in terms of both employee operational needs and multiple work sites/premises – data, airtime and electricity
  2. Gifting/rewards
    Across various departments – airtime, data, Uber, Netflix and Google Play vouchers
  3. Social and company responsibility (an interesting area worthy of more detail)
    There are employers who understand that many in their workforce leave their homes early, often only to return late at night. For these employees, the purchase of a R20 or R50 electricity token can be quite an ordeal. Some of them must stand in queues at spaza shops over month-end, only to reach the front of the line and hear the shop owner say that there isn’t any more electricity available. In some cases, these individuals cannot buy electricity by itself and are forced to buy bread, milk or maize with it (a tactic employed by shop owners to compensate for the very low profit margins on electricity). Now, imagine a company that handles these purchases on behalf of its employees, quickly and easily from the comfort of the office! No more standing in queues; no more disappointment; no more “extortion”. Employers can play a major part in helping their staff with weekly or monthly electricity purchases – perhaps this is something your business can consider too?

We cannot help but get very excited about initiatives from employers who understand the challenges that their employees face – not only professionally, but on a personal and social level too.

Whether it’s once-off gifts or monthly transactions/recharges you wish to action, Prepaid24 has exactly the solution you require. Feel free to set up a call with our Business Services Department – you will be glad you did!

26 Nov 2020 12:32