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The not-to-miss hologram appearance at Sentech Africa Tech Week 2023

Have you ever seen a live hologram? Sentech Africa Tech Week is proud to announce that this year's conference is opening up with something a little different:, tech entrepreneur, musician and co-founder & CEO of FYI, will be joining more than 400 leaders from across different industries for a Q&A session via live hologram, live from Los Angeles, midnight Pacific Time, 9am Central African Time, where he will be interviewed by Leanne Manas, award-winning South African journalist, to kick-off an exciting week.
The not-to-miss hologram appearance at Sentech Africa Tech Week 2023

The four-day event, which will be held from 2 to 5 May, is all about showcasing innovation, asking what the future holds and how we can make sure we’re ready for it.

Sentech Africa Tech Week is all about leveraging the power of technology and finding ways to navigate the fourth industrial revolution. With live demonstrations of platforms and solutions which could have a profound influence on people and development on the African continent, this is the first time a TIME100 Impact Award winner is among a host of speakers from different sectors who are using technology to change lives.

Did you know that Cape Town is considered the 'Silicon Valley' of Africa?

It’s not every day you get to experience a live hologram, and not every day you can hear insights straight from representatives of industry leaders such as TikTok, Google and Microsoft, who will share the stage with innovators and experts in a wide range of fields, all at the same event. Did you know that Cape Town is considered the 'Silicon Valley' of Africa? What better place to experience the conference than in the smart city of Cape Town – Century City.

Panel discussions will cover topics such as the future of artificial intelligence, the explosion of e-commerce, and how tech incubators are connecting with innovators. A key topic is the access to digital services, something which is important to and is reflected in the work he’s done as a tech entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Whether it be providing no-cost ultra-fast wireless internet to families and students in the disadvantaged community where he grew up – or bringing robotics programmes into schools – and starting a scholarship fund for Steam (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education with his foundation, Foundation, he has a passion for what technology can do to improve the world and is committed to ensuring that the youth are prepared for a future which, in many ways, is already here.

Of course, Sentech Africa Tech Week wouldn’t be complete without touching on the developments in artificial intelligence and what innovative technologies like ChatGPT mean for the world and the opportunities they present.

Also on the agenda is how edu-tech is changing the education experience in Africa is among the discussion points, along with gaming’s role in Africa’s digital economy, healthcare technology and how crypto-investments are driving solar farming.

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25 Apr 2023 10:04