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How to use video to enhance your storytelling

We all know that video is an essential cog in every marketing plan to enhance storytelling, but do you know how to brief in a video, what type of video you need and what budget to expect?

This is what you need to know:

  1. How much does a video cost?

    It depends on your budget, your audience, the platform you will be seeding it to, and what kind of video you want to make. It also depends on elements like using a David Attenborough voice-over or handcrafted graphics. The world is your oyster!

  2. Why are professional video costs high?

    Video is time-consuming, the equipment is expensive, and you need skilled videographers, directors and editors to ensure a professional film. It takes time to get something that appeals to your aesthetic and resonates, makes you think and take action.

  3. Why does it take so long?

    While shooting a video can be quite quick, depending on the subject, the editing and polishing of that footage takes time. When you shoot, you have to set up, get the lighting right, get angles right, get focus right. People need direction, not everyone is comfortable shooting video.

  4. How will it add value to my company?

    It is like walking into the organisation or shop yourself, before you physically go there. It will let people see what you are about, showcase what you can do. It is the most intimate and instant medium. It gives you detail, lets you see the people or company or service right there.

  5. Why do I need video?

    Because the world is visual and video is the ‘now’ of marketing. How often do you hear someone say, “Did you see that video on...?” Smartphones and social media have transformed how we consume content. And people will watch a video before they will read a long article. The trick is to combine the two.

15 Oct 2018 10:29