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For a digital Africa - UNISOC and its partners showcased diversified and innovative products at 2018 AfricaCom

As one of Africa's most influential communication technologies expositions, The South Africa International Communications Exposition (referred to below as AfricaCom) was held in Cape Town from 13 to 15 November. UNISOC and its partners attended this year's exhibition and showed off several mobile communications and IoT solutions on site, among which were the UNISOC SC7731EF chipset platform, and the debut of the world first 3G smart feature phone, released by UNISOC in cooperation with China Mobile, MTN and KaiOS.

  • New products to provide African consumers with better quality smart mobile devices

As the strategic partner of MTN, the largest mobile operator in South Africa, UNISOC actively helps African users convert from 2G to 3G and 4G. During this exposition, MTN launched a 2.4-inch smart device, which became the focus of today’s participants.

The new product allows customers to upgrade from a feature phone with only voice and text capabilities, to a fully connected handset with fast, 3G internet. Because of the competitive pricing of both the device and the monthly data plan, access to advanced digital services is finally a reality for everyone.

This new device is built on the SC7731EF chipset platform and adopts KaiOS operating system. The technical support service is provided by China Mobile and the wireless and testing support by Huawei.

The UNISOC SC7731EF contains a quad core 1.3 GHz ARM Cortex™ -A7 processor and the Mali T820 MP1 3D graphics accelerator. It supports WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS/EDGE dual mode modems and is integrated BT, WIFI, FM, GNSS and cellular RF capabilities, achieving the highest level of integration in the industry. Compared with the same type of products in the market, with its innovative chip design technology and mature 28nm HPC+, UNISOC SC7731EF has improved performance by more than 20% and the power consumption can be reduced by 30% in typical scenarios, enabling handset manufacturers to combine high performance with a highly competitive end-price.

“UNISOC has been in the African market for over 10 years and more than 100 million mobile phones powered by UNISOC chips are sold in Africa every year,” said Mr Adam Zeng, Executive Vice President of Unigroup and CEO of UNISOC. “Without doubt, Africa market is one of the most important overseas markets for UNISOC, both now and in the long run, and we will continue to invest more in Africa to fill in the mobile communications and IoT gaps in this market. With customised solutions and excellent services, we will create a rich and diversified mobile ecosystem for Africa that will enable more than one billion African consumers to connect intelligently.”

“China Mobile is very pleased to work with partners, UNISOC, MTN and KaiOS, providing the billion-consumer market of Africa with customised solutions and technical services, and helping develop digitalisation in Africa,” said Huidi Li, Vice President of China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. “In the new era of 5G and IoT, China Mobile will also actively expand and continue to deepen the Belt and Road market, promoting traditional friendships between Chinese and African enterprises and people in the communications field, creating a new digital future for Africa.”

  • Partnering to aid the development of Digital Africa through diversified, innovative products

At this year’s AfricaCom, in addition to the new products released jointly with China Mobile, MTN and KaiOS, UNISOC also joined Huawei, Skyworth, Lephone, Mobicel and other partners participating in this exposition by exhibiting dozens of mobile communications and IoT products to build Africa digital chip ecology with diversified products, promote traditional Sino-African friendships in the communications field, and jointly seek for the new future of digital development in Africa with innovation.

Mr Xuejun Chen, Vice President, Huawei Southern Africa Region, stated that: "Huawei has always insisted on building connections in Africa and working together with the industry to promote the popularisation of mobile broadband through a healthy business model, connect the unconnected and enable them to enjoy the convenience brought by wireless communication. This time, we have achieved a breakthrough through the joint effort with UNISOC and mobile phone manufacturers to further build the ICT industry ecosystem and improve the accessibility and affordability of ICT services, to fulfill Huawei’s vision - we are committed to bringing digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world.”

In the mobile terminals field, UNISOC and multinational operators such as MTN, Orange, Vodafone and others have established a sustainable cooperation, providing Samsung, Tecno and many local costumers with high quality products and technical services. This exhibition also reveals UNISOC’s high investment in the area of IoT. In cooperation with African customers, UNISOC helps and supports the construction of digital Africa in the areas of mobile payment, distance education, e-commerce and smart cities.


As a core subsidiary of Tsinghua Unigroup, UNISOC is a leading fabless semiconductor company committed to the independent R&D of core chipsets in mobile communications and IoT. Its products cover mobile chipset platforms supporting 2G/3G/4G/5G communication standards, RF chipsets, wireless connection chipsets, security chipsets, TV chipsets, and image sensor chipsets. With more than 4,500 staff, 14 R&D centres and eight customer support centres around the world(as of Oct 2018), UNISOC has been one of the top three mobile baseband chipset suppliers in the world, the largest pan-chip provider in China, and the leading 5G communications chipset design company in China.

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