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UNISOC launches I•C Test brand

Aiming for global integrated testing services
UNISOC launches I•C Test brand

UNISOC announced the official launch of the I•C Test brand at the 2018 China IC Summit. With years of technological experiences and nearly USD500 million of investment, UNISOC has established a quality assurance system for the whole process including product development and production testing, software integration testing, hardware testing, system testing, customer service and testing, and built up an integrated testing service brand named I•C Test.

The UNISOC I•C Test is composed of two parts: I Test stands for UNISOC's internal test quality system, while C Test stands for the customer's test quality system (Customer). I Test system covers the inbound ware test requirements and national field acceptance, providing 7*24 hour iterative service; C Test can realise all-round Android test services with a simple and easy interface, which accounts for over 20,000 use cases and more in future.

At the same time, I•C Test centre covers the whole process of chip development, production and testing, and supports customers with the following five quality assurances:

  • Chip R&D and production testing: the leading chip validation platform enables packaging tests at wafer, system and module levels, chip reliability validation and failure analysis on discrete devices and circuit chips to ensure chip yield is leading in the industry.

  • Software integration testing: the patented code-level version upgrade validation platform can block breaches and improve code quality and efficiency by monitoring code changes with the strategy of “submitting as validation”.

  • Hardware testing: hardware R&D and production tests are carried out on electric signals, power dissipation, voice frequency, reliability, RF and antenna. The whole of test validation services target at various platform and customer hardware projects based on constant iteration and improvements to enhance test efficiency and lower test costs.

  • System testing: aligned with strict standards for industrial brands and quality requirements of top operators like China Mobile, pre-launch acceptance tests can be implemented on over 500 samples to testify integration, compatibility, stability, performance and user experiences.

  • Customer service & testing: test solutions and related services are provided to mobile phone designers, improving product validation systems to make better decisions on mass production, accelerating time to market and strengthening brand competitiveness.

UNISOC reached partnership on innovation labs with China Mobile and China Unicom and earned recognition by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) for ISO17025 in 2016. It joined GCF(The Global Certification Forum) in 2017 and was titled as Level-B cooperative lab by China Mobile in 2018.

John Rowland, senior vice president and chief engineer of UNISOC, said, “I am very honoured to launch the I•C Test brand. UNISOC is committed to providing customers with advanced technology research and development and one-stop customer service through deep understanding of the chip industry and strong global technical support. With the launch of the new I•C Test brand, we will fully open up internal and external resources and work with customers in the field of mobile chips to provide customers with the best user experience and win together with customers.”

26 Sep 2018 15:41