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Proposal to build 5G industrial ecology

UNISOC released the Proposal for Building 5G Industrial Ecology along with over 10 domestic and overseas industrial chain partners at 2018 China IC Summit. Initiated by a domestic chip designer, UNISOC, this proposal won extensive support and responses across the industrial chain.
Proposal to build 5G industrial ecology

At the summit, 17 industrial chain partners signed on the proposal as representatives of advocators, including UNISOC, Intel, TSMC, ARM, Hisense, TCL, ZTE, Transsion Group, Gome Communication, Coolpad, Huaqin, Tinno, Rohde & Schwarz, Keysight Technologies, Anritsu, Skyworks and Qorvo.

According to the proposal, 5G will be the focus of the next round of technology competition in global mobile communications market. 5G is more like a key to the future, pushing the mobile Internet experience to new heights and driving the popularity of IoT. The new generation of mobile communication technology, which takes 5G as its core, will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of various industries by driving the momentum of world economic growth.

Based on influence of 5G strategy, the proposal presents below suggestions:

  1. Accelerate China’s planning of 5G frequency spectrum to guide all-round development of the industry.
  2. Strengthen industrial adoption planning, deploy 5G intelligent terminal industries with 5G technologies as the platform for industrial cooperation and innovation.
  3. Take advantage of the window period for the chip industry with more investment in R&D.
  4. Strengthen industrial ecological cooperation and achieve the goal of mutual win for 5G industry.
  5. Encourage and support various businesses to participate in the open innovation of 5G technologies.
  6. Promote mature and wide adoption of 5G pilot demonstration.
  7. Carry out poverty alleviation plan by eliminating blind areas of mobile communication networks.

“5G is a vital stimulation for realisation of industrial upgrading towards the whole society where a healthy and cooperative 5G industrial ecology is so important. And the proposal to build 5G industrial ecology is aiming to condense the whole industry chain as one to promote 5G ecology and facilitate the prosperity of the coming 5G era by joint collaboration,” said Adam Zeng, Chief Executive Officer, UNISOC.

26 Sep 2018 15:14