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UNISOC unveils new product brands 'UNISOC Tiger' and 'UNISOC Ivy'

UNISOC announced the launch of two new product brands - "UNISOC Tiger" and "UNISOC Ivy" at the 2018 China IC Summit. It implied that after the completion of brand integration in June this year, UNISOC has extended its portfolio to the mid-to-high-end product line.
UNISOC unveils new product brands 'UNISOC Tiger' and 'UNISOC Ivy'

“The two newly launched product brands named ‘UNISOC Tiger’ for mobile communication chips and ‘UNISOC Ivy’ for pan-connection chips, underpins our commitment to independent chip development and design in mobile communication and pan-connection fields,” said Adam Zeng, Chief Executive Officer, UNISOC.

“UNISOC Tiger” is named after “TIGER Army” in Chinese ancient times, which means brave warriors. “UNISOC Ivy” on the other hand implies connection, trends, ecology and vigour.

Analysts pointed out that the naming and release of the two product lines of “UNISOC Tiger” and “UNISOC Ivy” means not only a new identity, but also a new product strategy of UNISOC to provide the massive mobile terminal market with the “UNISOC Tiger” products characterised by strong performance to boost user experience, and develop a multi-layer and multi-modal “UNISOC Ivy” portfolio for pan-connected IoT solutions.

Consequently, UNISOC will achieve its all-round R&D capacity and productivity in mobile communication chip design and pan-connection fields, and step further to grow up into a world-class chip designer.

With remarkable achievements in chip design, UNISOC is one of global top three mobile chip designers. At present, it enjoys 40% of Indian market shares with low- and medium-end products, and takes big advantages in Africa and some developing countries.

26 Sep 2018 14:44