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Telkom's 'Made of Monate' TVC spreads the love

Wunderman Thompson SA's recently launched Telkom brand TVC is gaining international attention. The 'Made of Monate' spot, shot in the Cape by Monde Gumede of Massif, was just listed as one of the top five best ads and advertising campaigns of the week worldwide on AdForum.
Telkom's 'Made of Monate' TVC spreads the love

Described as an ‘artful film’, the 90” spot shows children using wireless tech and drones to create an airborne 3D heart, delivering an adorable message to loved ones.

Telkom’s chief marketing officer, Gugu Mthembu, commented: “Telkom’s brand purpose is to seamlessly connect South Africans to a better life by making access to information universal. We work to minimise the distance in human connections and to create the future our customers desire with intuitive solutions and responsive, reliable service. I believe our latest brand campaign embodies this sentiment.”

Colett Naidu, managing director at Wunderman Thompson Integrated Communications SA, added: “This ad is part of a through-the-line campaign that we hope all South Africans will find appealing. We believe there’s a place for every South African in the Telkom world, from young people to mature families. In fact, everyone has their own ‘Monate’, which is a distinct feeling that can be interpreted in various ways; it’s your own thing, your music, your favourite show, and everything you are passionate about.”

The 3D heart shape was created by computer-generated imagery (CGI) by a team at Chocolate Tribe. More than 100 drones were used in post-production for the heart and sky sequence, while two were used on set. The implications of flying drones over the beach meant getting licensed drone pilots, permissions from the city and ensuring the weather was conducive for flying and visibility.

Agency executive creative director on the Telkom Group, Thembalethu Msibi, explained: “We chose to work with Monde Gumede based on his exceptional treatment in response to our script and brief, his passion for the brand’s story and the characters. He also added the exemplary technical prowess we required to bring the story to life in a vivid manner. His attention to detail and keenness was unmatched. We’re proud of the end result and hope it resonates with our nation.”

13 Oct 2022 09:48