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Beat the petrol price pinch: Easy saving tips

Your car is more than a means of getting you from point A to point B. Moments are shared, memories are made, in your car, because of your car. That goodbye window-kiss in the morning before you head off to work. Karaoke sing-alongs with your friends with the volume at full blast. Road trips and pit-stops, and a million selfies with your favourite people.
Beat the petrol price pinch: Easy saving tips

But given the rising cost of fuel, filling up our memory banks with more moments, is fast becoming a luxury most South Africans can barely afford.

What we do know about us, as a people, is that we ‘maak ‘n plan’, we navigate our 'eish' moments and find ways to beat the odds. In this case, we know how to beat the pinch we’re all feeling when it comes to the fuel price, and the knock-on effect it’s having on the cost of living.

Imagine you can save a few bucks on your insurance and still say “Gcwalisa Baba!”, without feeling the ‘eish’ in your pocket. We put together a few easy saving tips to help you stretch your Randelas a little further every day:

Be more fuel-conscious and more fuel-efficient

Fuel saving starts with you, and there are several simple strategies you can introduce to ensure you're not a regular at your local fuel station. Firstly, it's important to ensure that your tyre pressure and wheel alignment are regularly checked, as these can have an impact on your overall fuel consumption. Additionally, it's important to remember that your car must work harder for every kilogram it's forced to carry, so consider introducing a more minimalist approach to driving, leaving only the essentials on-board to lighten the load on your engine.

Planning can also go a long way towards reducing time spent at the pumps. Excessive use of brakes and your accelerator can significantly speed up the consumption of fuel, so do your best, where possible, to avoid peak traffic hours and congested areas, aiming for a more fluid form of driving that relies a lot less on pedals. Everyone knows a ‘back-route’ where there’s less traffic, so ask your colleagues, ask the parents whose children attend the same school as yours, which routes they’re using.

Drive less. Save more

It’s a practice that is easier said than done, more so because life is nothing if unpredictable. Things happen, we know. But planning ahead is critical if you want to cut your costs and save money. You must make every cent count, and make it work for you as hard as you did to earn it. Simply put, set aside time every month to do ‘check-ins’ with your pocket and crunch the numbers. Check how much money you have in your account, review what you’ve spent your money on and be honest with yourself about which expenses were must-haves, and which were nice-to-haves.

While you’re at it, plan your trips: Calculate the kilometers so you know ahead of each trip how far your tank can take you. Where possible, bundle trips according to location to avoid circling the same areas on different days. Every litre counts!

Make a little more room in your budget by eliminating unnecessary expenses and make a commitment (to yourself) to adopt responsible spending habits that don’t make holes in your pocket. We all have a few of those habits which our bank accounts frown at!

Couple up

Do you have a significant other? If you're coupled up, you can save on your cover by adding both your cars to a single insurance plan and enjoy a smalla-nyana discount each month. Also, by combining your home and car insurance policies, you'll be able to reduce your joint expenditure and bring down the numbers on your monthly bills.

Expect the unexpected

In today's volatile financial climate, the last thing you need is a car accident and an unanticipated bill that has you weak in the knees, and even weaker in your pocket. So, make sure you’re up to date with your insurance payments, as a missed payment can void your cover. And we know that things happen, and as per Murphy’s Law, it will happen when your finances are already stretched thin. Remember, your insurance cover is a two-way street: You do good on your part, so that in times of need, your insurance partner can do the same.

Fill up with MiWay

We know that the petrol price is putting pressure on your pocket, which is why we’re giving you the chance to win your share of R350,000 in free fuel vouchers. Make Mondays something to look forward to again with our Gcwalisa Fill Up Mondays giveaway – all you need to do is ask for an insurance quote with us, and if we can’t save you money on your current monthly premiums, you’ll automatically be entered into the draw to win an Engen fuel voucher. Winners will be announced every Monday until the end of September, so don’t miss out on your chance to top up your tank on us.

One only needs to look at the challenges South Africans face on a daily basis, to know that we are resilient. And we are great at beating even the odds that are stacked against us. The average food basket costs more than ever before. Getting to and from school and work has become a financial strain for most.

So, let’s save where we can, let’s be savvier in where we spend, and what we spend on.

MiWay is a licensed non-life insurer and Financial Services Provider (FSP 33970).

6 Sep 2022 13:45


About the author

Greta Goosen is head of customer experience at MiWay Insurance