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To a happy you year: A guide to meaningful resolutions

The past two years have forced us to reassess everything from the way we work to what really matters in life. It's also brought with it an undeniable sense of perspective, leading many of us to finally put into action those dreams and plans we'd relegated to the back burner for far too long.
To a happy you year: A guide to meaningful resolutions

With many taking advantage of revised work-from-home, there is little desire by most South Africans to return to a life defined by stress and traffic jams – with many workers preferring a hybrid working model to the traditional office model.

This trend reflects an increasing desire to simplify and focus more on the things that really matter – family, friends and self-realisation. Gone are the days when the dawn of a new year marked the perfect excuse to join the gym or start a diet, resolutions that typically fell by the wayside long before February's arrival.

After two years of financial stress, instability and fear, it turns out that a 'new you' is no longer the resolution of choice, it’s been replaced by the simple and far more sustainable pursuit of a 'happy you'. If you're among the many who've done away with frivolous resolutions and are looking to face 2022 with a renewed sense of purpose, here are some key pointers to help you ensure that your pursuit of happiness is a successful one:

No excuses

Whether you're looking to take that dream trip, learn a new language or change your career path, there's no time like the present. Too often we prioritise the needs of others over our own, citing work and family commitments as reasons to put our happiness on the back burner. This year, why not make a commitment to yourself and stop creating excuses to sabotage your own interests?

Make it happen

"Sooner or later", "one of these days" and "all in good time" are just some of the platitudes we recite to ourselves to avoid the fear of taking on a new challenge. But remember that there's no place quite as dangerous as your own comfort zone, and true contentment can only be achieved by taking the occasional risk.

Revisit the routine

While routines offer us a sense of stability and comfort, they can also be responsible for lulling us into a sense of complacency. As such, it's important to revisit your routine mindfully, considering the 'why' behind the items on your daily to-do list. If you can't remember the reasons underpinning your routine, it might be time to look at shaking things up.

Make more time for me-time

While raising a family and taking care of others can be the source of immense satisfaction, true fulfilment can only be achieved if you make regular time for yourself. Try to carve out a regular slot every day or week in which you pursue your own passions, committing to furthering your own ambitions and stimulating your mind, body and soul.

Make your work, work for you

The past two years have taught us that anything is possible, and that there's no need to spend hours in traffic every day in order to prosper professionally. Whilst working wherever you like may come with a slight drop in salary, it's important to stay true to yourself, and to weigh up the pros and cons of a more flexible lifestyle.

No matter what you've got planned for 2022, remember to make your happiness your utmost priority this year, no matter what new challenges the next 12 months might bring. Make this year a ‘happy you year’!

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25 Jan 2022 11:17


About the author

Moloi is executive head: People & Brand at MiWay Insurance.