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2020 healthcare marketing trends to boost your ROI

Cingulate Marketing & Advertising provides insights into 2020's key healthcare marketing trends and how you can use them to your brand's advantage.
2020 healthcare marketing trends to boost your ROI

Consider this: it took 75 years for 100 million people to get access to the telephone, while the game, Pokemon Go, had that many users in less than 30 days in 2016!

We as marketers have our work cut out for us if we want to navigate this fast-changing technology landscape. How do we stay on top of our game, effectively communicate with our customers and build our brand equity?

To help you do just that, Cingulate shares five key healthcare marketing trends that can grow your brand in 2020:

1. Get electronic tool savvy

Medical practitioners are embracing time saving electronic tools and expect pharmaceutical companies to interact with them electronically. As such, eDetailing and eLearning are growing in popularity.

  • More patients want to interact with medical practitioners electronically. As a result, doctors are placing informative articles online to assist patient education; introducing e-visits and e-chat facilities; and enabling patients to pay their bills online.
  • There’s an increase in patient-driven online appointment scheduling and EMRS (Electronic Medical Recorder Systems), which allow patients to track their progress online.

Cingulate is trained and certified to develop and deploy client assets on digital platforms, including face-to-face eDetailing, remote eDetailing and eLearning.

2. Watch this (digital video) space

Many people, including healthcare professionals, find it easier to watch a video than to read an article, so it’s not surprising that video consumption is growing. It’s also an ideal vehicle for healthcare education where content is often technical. Videos allow for content to be presented from both a patient and a doctor’s perspective.

When producing a video, take note of these important guidelines:

  • Tell a story
  • Show empathy
  • Educate
  • Build trust
  • Keep content simple but engaging
  • Create content that your viewers will want to share.

Cingulate uses a professional videographer to expertly assist you in video production from storyboard development and scripting, to recording and editing.

3. Make social media your brand’s bestie

A social media presence helps your brand build a relationship with your target market, understand their needs, and provide professional education. In this way you become a go-to, trusted source of information.

Some interesting stats:

  • About 90.4% of Millennials, 48.2% of Baby Boomers and 77.5% of Gen Xers use social media platforms.
  • Having a strong social media following builds your brand’s reputation. This is critical when a brand receives negative publicity and social media allows you to manage the crisis.

Cingulate has created websites, microsites, launched and grown social media pages for many of our clients; we can do the same for you.

4. Pull rank with SEO

More people are using search engines to research healthcare conditions. It’s therefore vital that you consider the following:

  • Improving your website’s organic search results ranking via optimum Search Engine Optimisation
  • Optimising your website for keywords your audience uses, and
  • Acquiring inbound links from trusted health publications to help improve your page rank.

5. Be smart about programmatic advertising

Programmatic technology allows a marketer to gather ‘smart’ data based on the type of individual who engages with their brand. As an example, an Adwords campaign via Google can drive interested consumers to a brand’s website. Once someone clicks on the Google ad link and visits the website, they are retargeted with brand display ads when online again, encouraging a return to the brand’s website.

If getting the best ROI on your 2020 marketing spend is critical to you, join forces with Cingulate and let’s plan a campaign that makes technology work for you!

31 Mar 2020 10:40