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So, does your agency know the healthcare industry inside out? We do.

Making an impact in the highly regulated, specialised and challenging healthcare marketing space can be a tall ask. That's why it makes business sense to choose a healthcare marketing specialist, such as Cingulate Marketing and Advertising, over a run-of-the-mill generalist agency. With over 12 years' experience as a healthcare agency, Cingulate understands the ethical, regulatory and legal intricacies of the healthcare world without compromising on creativity and innovation.
So, does your agency know the healthcare industry inside out? We do.

The agency offers 360-degree integrated campaigns which target the healthcare practitioner, pharmacy and consumer alike. It successfully harnesses both traditional and digital platforms, since the two mediums need to be seamlessly integrated in order to deliver one consistent message.

With Cingulate’s understanding, from a pharmaceutical perspective, of different health categories and products, it is well versed in developing campaigns for the full spectrum of healthcare products, from higher scheduled brands to over-the-counter (OTC) products and frontshop consumables.

What’s in a name?

The name Cingulate was derived from the part of the brain called the Cingulate Cortex which controls both rational and emotional functions.

Says Sabine Raves, CEO of Cingulate and a qualified pharmacist who’s been in healthcare marketing for over 30 years: “Consumers buy for both rational and emotional reasons and Cingulate therefore employs the logic of a sound strategy with the emotional power of breakthrough creative work. This results in memorable creative which is differentiated from the competition.”

Collectively, the Cingulate team has decades of expertise working on blue chip multi-national and local healthcare brands. Together they bring the Cingulate slogan “Moving Consumers. Moving Brands” to life, through campaigns that meet both rational and emotional needs of the market in a compelling fashion, positively influencing sales.

Leading the way

Some of Cingulate’s recent innovations include remote e-detailing and mastering e-learning platforms and tools for continuous medical education of Healthcare Professionals.

Watch out for subsequent articles on BizCommunity which will focus on these initiatives, or come meet with us to discuss the possibilities. You can also visit our website, or call Sabine or Angela on 011 467 3645.

Choose a healthcare marketing specialist that likes to challenge the status quo, despite the highly regulated environment and the degree of product technicality of the healthcare sector. Cingulate is passionate about delivering the best creative solutions that will grow your company and its brands.

20 Jan 2020 12:58