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Rocket Creative rolls out with new eco-ply display hardware

In line with their evolutionary culture, the trend-setting Rocket Creative team are delighted to share their latest product development news. Following a strategic directive to bring their CNC and CO2 laser cutting in-house, these on-demand resources have allowed the team to design and prototype several innovative design projects.
Rocket Creative rolls out with new eco-ply display hardware

Richard Nilson, company founder, and head designer elaborates, “When purchasing our new CNC and laser machines in 2019, it was with the clear intent to bring these core capabilities entirely in-house to be accessible on-demand. The machines allow for immediate prototyping off of the conceptual phase, significantly benefitting our clientele as development response times are minimised.

Adding this creative type of fabrication to our already broad range of expertise is a significant value-add for Rocket Creative. Unfortunately,
Covid-19 delayed our development phase, but it did allow time for a very successful learning and prototyping process. Based on these very positive and stunning results, we are overjoyed to be able to offer this type of product to the market confidently.”

The plywood materials' principal advantages are its environmentally-friendly and sustainable resource classification, which is critical for today's eco-sensitive environment.


  • Eco-friendly/sustainable manufacturing
  • Creative and unique design solutions are achievable
  • Ultra-authentic au-natural aesthetic impact
  • Hard-wearing, thus very durable delivering a long life span
  • Extremely flat pack-able, allowing for compact volumetric shipping costs

Due to bespoke nature, every brief would be assessed and custom-designed. Each design uses a particular plywood type and thickness to deliver its specific load-bearing requirements. Every element is originated to be fully modular and ultra flat-pack, allowing for the most compact volumetric distribution possible.

Rocket Creative rolls out with new eco-ply display hardware

Treatments of the plywood structures include logo laser etching, colour staining, painting and sealing for maximised durability. Solutions can be targeted for product merchandising, visual display/signage elements, retail displays, countertop display, phone displays, etc. Virtually anything and everything that can be made from metals or plastics can be made in this technique, the only limitation is the client's budget and Rocket Creative’s ingenuity.

For assistance empowering your brand using Rocket Creative’s innovative visual communication display solutions the Rocket Creative crew are available on az.oc.evitaerctekcor@olleh or are just a phone call away at + 27 (11) 262 4698.

About Rocket Creative Design and Display:

Launched in early 1998, Rocket Creative evolved exponentially to become an innovative player in the design and display industry. The business core focus is the design and production of inventive visual display, brand activation, promotional, product merchandising, and point-of-sale display hardware.

Due to their non-conformist approach, the company has achieved significant recognition within the industry. The company is honoured to be suppliers of aesthetically unique branding products used to promote and activate a diverse array of blue-chip brands in Sub-Saharan Africa, including servicing their global, export-based clientele.

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28 Oct 2020 12:21