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Predator Gaming rocks the rAge Expo with Rocket Creative

Every now and again, the Rocket Creative crew gets the opportunity to work on a project that is ultra-innovative and spectacularly trendsetting. This was the case when they were commissioned to originate an exhibition stand for Acer's Predator Gaming brand at the 2019 rAge Festival. The annual show, South Africa's biggest video games, computer, and technology exhibition, traditionally brings out all the tech-focused brands.

Even though Rocket Creative had, in recent years, made the strategic decision to limit its exhibition exposure to focus on core production, this opportunity was too good to let it pass by. Working with a premium global brand that owns such an aggressive and iconic visual identity allowed the Rocket Creative design team to stretch their imagination to the extreme, both structurally and aesthetically.

Rocket Creative’s Managing Director and creative head, Richard Nilson elaborates, “The Predator visual identity is defined by their hard-core gaming tech and uncompromising industrial design aesthetics. This aesthetic is best reflected in their remarkable Thronos Gaming Chair, and our radical structural concept mimicked the same design, albeit in a colossal format.

Predator Gaming rocks the rAge Expo with Rocket Creative

Four massive scorpion-like metal arms spanned 9.6m2 and reached the show limit of 4m high. Into the structure, we installed a mass of programmable RGB LED’s, and then added illuminated sales and gaming counters, as well as a giant rear wall with TV’s synced to deliver what was being played on the Thronos. It was challenging to determine how we would deliver on the daring concept, but we managed to achieve the impossible with a team of incredibly talented, dedicated craftsmen and women. The result was a jaw-dropping, pulsing, industrial sculpture-like structure that delivered a high-tech, ultra-interactive environment.”

Predator Gaming rocks the rAge Expo with Rocket Creative

The stand was built over three days at the Ticket Pro Dome, where it received an overwhelming response from show visitors and industry insiders alike. The stand was inundated with visitors throughout the show, and the Predator brand achieved phenomenal consumer engagement and industry exposure as intended.

Predator Gaming rocks the rAge Expo with Rocket Creative
Predator Gaming rocks the rAge Expo with Rocket Creative

About Rocket Creative Design & Display:

Launched in early 1998, Rocket Creative evolved exponentially to become an innovative player in the design and display industry. Their core focus is on the design and origination of inventive visual display, brand activation, promotional, product merchandising, and point-of-sale display hardware. Due to its non-conformist approach, the company achieved significant recognition within the industry. They are honored to be suppliers of aesthetically unique branding products used to promote and activate virtually every blue-chip brand within Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as servicing their global, export-based clientele.

17 Oct 2019 12:54