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The end-of-line solution you've been waiting for

The eTouch-S applicator offers AI that applies labels to exacting standards on every pack, at high production speeds.
The end-of-line solution you've been waiting for

For production facilities requiring accurate case and pack labelling operations with minimal demands on factory resources. The eTouch-S applicator, just launched by Pyrotec Packmark, ensures manufacturers fully comply with labelling standards without the need to regulate production throughput, change existing production methods, or install expensive additional pack control.

Unlike competitors’ equipment, the eTouch-S from Markem-Imaje – locally available from Pyrotec PackMark – accommodates high production speeds of up to 150 packs per minute (ppm) with pinpoint label accuracy. It complies with EN415-10 safety standards and offers completely unhindered operation without the need for additional safety measures regardless of application type and installation constraints.

The eTouch-S is a truly intelligent, high-performance print and apply system
– Mike Kirk

With its proprietary design and patented technology, the eTouch-S applicator is developed from the ground up, with one of its focuses being on reducing manufacturers’ environmental impact. The eTouch-S removes the need for plant air without impacting supply chain traceability or increasing the risk of retailer fines for returned cases.

The innovative eTouch-S has built-in artificial intelligence (AI) that ensures labels are applied to an exacting standard on every pack at the highest production speeds. The applicator’s unique SoftTouch technology offers full movement control and application monitoring in conjunction with pack sensing that allows application without unnecessary force, and the ability to automatically detect any variation in pack positioning. An optional advanced trigger sensor (ATS) provides the ability to label packs with infinitely variable distances and speeds with constant label placement and without the requirement for operational intervention or complex line integration.

The end-of-line solution you've been waiting for

“The eTouch-S is a truly intelligent, high-performance print and apply system,” notes Mike Kirk, Print and Apply Product Marketing manager at Markem-Imaje.

“It’s a game-changer for customers looking for a solution that is safe, fast, durable, and simple to operate, all while reducing downtime. The eTouch-S applicator is ideal for manufacturers who want full labelling standards compliance, as well as eliminating the need for regulating production throughput, changing existing production methods, or for expensive additional pack control.”

Designed with reliability in mind, the eTouch-S significantly reduces maintenance requirements thanks to its minimal moving parts. Efficient design allows for lower print speeds at higher throughput regardless of the data complexity or content, reducing machine burden, and decreasing wear and total cost of ownership.

The eTouch-S includes all the enhanced features of Markem-Imaje’s 2200 Series, making the overall solution extremely easy to use, efficient and reliable. All models in the 2200 Series offer an intuitive user interface and a simple media path, allowing operators to replenish label and ribbon rolls in less than 40 seconds. The in-built auto-change/tandem functionality means that should a 2200 Series go offline, a second labeller will immediately take over the task to eliminate downtime associated with media changes.

29 Mar 2023 09:16