Openfield receives high praise in the BMi Top Sponsorship Decision-Makers' Survey 2015

'Sport and other sponsorships continue to increase in importance as a marketing and communication medium. Ongoing research in South Africa and internationally, confirms this trend. During the past five years the industry has increasingly become more professional and scientific in its approach. This is true of the sponsors themselves as well as the major sports management companies that service them. At the same time, the market has become increasingly competitive.'
To identify and understand the important trends that will impact on sponsors in South Africa, and to better understand their needs, BMI-Sport Info conducted in-depth research amongst a significant sample of sponsors on behalf of sport management companies, macro sports codes, and television channels that expressed a need for this research.

Openfield receives high praise in the BMi Top Sponsorship Decision-Makers' Survey 2015
During the period from June to August 2015, over 200 of South Africa’s major sport sponsoring companies and individuals were approached and asked to participate in an in-depth survey addressing all aspects regarding the sport sponsorship landscape in South Africa.

A large section of the survey addressed the value that sponsoring companies place on some of South Africa’s leading sport sponsorship agencies.

Openfield is proud to announce that it performed well above the industry average in all 17 categories that were part of the survey, and was placed best in no less than five of these categories. Namely:
  • Fees/Cost structure
  • Understanding of brand strategy
  • Experiential marketing expertise
  • Depth of staff/Group resources
  • Reporting
2016 comes with a number of exciting opportunities and Openfield is committed to continue on its journey to become the leading sports sponsorship in the country.

“We believe these results speak for themselves. It is rewarding to see that our commitment to excellence and to value are paying dividends. But that is now part of history. Our focus is on the future - continued growth, broader and more valuable offerings to clients, cost effectiveness and an obsession on new and disruptive creativity,” concludes Franco Barocas, Group MD of Openfield.

16 Feb 2016 11:37