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On the Dot 67 Acts of Kindness

Over the past months of the 2017 calendar year, On the Dot has endeavoured toward sustaining a culture of what is referred to as ‘Acting in Kindness'. In doing so the company has contributed towards various needs within communities and society as a whole.
On the Dot 67 Acts of Kindness
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On the Dot 67 Acts of Kindness
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These Acts of Kindness were carried out nationally by staff across all On the Dot branches with the aim of making a difference through meaningful and sustainable contributions, and therefore encourage a culture of constantly ‘Acting in Kindness’.

In acknowledgement of Mandela month this year, all staff were issued with a challenge by the General Manager (Rika Swart), which entailed reaching a goal of achieving a total of 67 Acts of Kindness by the end of July 2017.

Having stepped up to the challenge the On the Dot team exceeded this amount, and as at the 31st of July 2017 the group had carried out a total of 72 Acts of Kindness!

This was achieved through the following;
  • Donations of items in support of relief caused by the natural disasters (Knysna fires, Western Cape storms)
  • Hosting soup kitchens for On the Dot Contractors, Street Sellers and Runners.
  • Collecting and donating winter shoes and socks to those in need of it.
  • Revamping of Children’s Homes.
  • Hand making sleeping bags for shelters.
  • Donating time and items to children’s homes.
  • Donating time and items to hospitals.
  • Donating time and items to old aged homes.
These are just a few of the initiatives carried out thus far by On the Dot, which is to be continued in the aim of reaching the ultimate goal of a sustained culture of Kindness.

On the Dot 67 Acts of Kindness
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On the Dot 67 Acts of Kindness
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Rika Swart, general manager of On the Dot, says; “I have never before seen a team so diverse yet so united in their belief and commitment to living our values and driving a culture of care in and beyond the boundaries of On the Dot. They are exemplary in their resilience. Standing strong and proud amidst this challenging yet exciting times for print media industry they still till take the time to drive care initiatives. What an amazing privilege to be part of this team. Respect – I see you!

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